Party’s over, sex criminals.

Just ask your pal Harvey Weinstein. The courage of his victims was an incredible contrast to Weinstein’s bullshit, old-school defense. And kudos to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for bringing this case against a monster who victimized and intimidated with impunity. Money can’t buy you everything, Harv.

12 thoughts on “Party’s over, sex criminals.”

  1. I can’t help but think this is just throwing a bone. Sure Weinstein is a scum bag but what he did was not even 1/1,000,000th of what the perpetrators of occk did. Basically he banged casting couch girls who knew the score and probably didn’t get all the roles he promised so they agree to go after him 10 years later. He didn’t kill anyone.Bad comparison.

    1. I am not comparing the crimes and I don’t need a grade on my post from you. It is important to note a case where victims of sex crimes came forward and were heard and believed.

    2. I have to tell you that you know nothing of the film culture. But the thing it has in common with OCCK is ABUSE.

      1. Agree with bitamoney.
        Abuse, coverups, and extortion all played part in both of these crimes.
        Banging casting couch girls that “knew the score” (code for quid pro quo) is not why this POS is going to prison. Criminal sexual acts and rape. More charges pending.
        And those women that were brave and strong enough to go through a trial and listen to comments like ones made by Rodney2000 and his kind, are a true inspiration to those not strong enough and remain silent.

  2. Sorry it came off as grading. I apologise for that. What I mean , is authorities are throwing a bone to show they prosecute sex offenders even if they are powerful celebrities.

    In reality , killers and rapists run free and a sleazo who stiffed adult surrogates who had sex with him in exchange for movie roles gets convicted.

  3. I think I mentioned on this blog a couple times that I worked in the film business. Of course, that was way after I left Detroit. So now they’ve finally nailed one of the scumbags and trust me he’s the tip of the iceberg. Because i wouldn’t respond to the producers who dragged me over to sit on their laps nor did I turn around when they were stroking my hair, I only managed to work on grade B or C movies. But sad as that is, that’s okay. There’s just no way I could trade my SELF for a slot on a 100 million dollar movie.
    I am quite amused at what’s come down the pike. And there will be more. Not only that but guys who try that stuff will be called out from now on.

  4. I saw children of the snow a few months ago and have been reading through your blog. Just wanted to say I will always keep your brother and the other victims in my mind and try to spread awareness of the injustices your family and others have faced. Keep writing Catherine, I will be reading.

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