3 thoughts on “Father of Oakland County Child Killer victim waits for answers.”

  1. Go try to talk to sloan before he dies in prison, the answers are there if he would talk

  2. Unfortunately, thanks to Jessica Cooper, he won’t say a word. He’s happy living the rest of his days with room & board, meals and doing gardening. 🤬#%*+

  3. Probably the best two items of evidence available to us in moving forward in the OCCK case are: 1) the Allen letter to Dr Danto, and: 2) The Chris Busch murder scene “diorama.” You’re going to be tasked with having to “change the way you are thinking,” or you’ll spin your wheels for the rest of your lives. I’m not being snide here. Think in terms of hints, clues, encrypted messages, anagrams, etc., which use hints based on phonetics, snide and vicious remarks, phony remarks, odd and seemingly very strange remarks, as well as poetry and probably specific calendar dates of the year. On Sept 20th of 2016 my childhood friend Bob Schilz took a big load off of my shoulders by pointing out the fact that many of the lower case letter d’s on the Ramsey ransom note resemble nooses. This led to several irrefutable discoveries. The most recent, and perhaps the single most important discovery happened on about the 14th of February of 2020, and is located on the 22nd line of the second ransom note page, concerning the letter r in the word “warned.” It’s an image of a pistol..and the only way that it can have the details it has, means that the author used a method to mask the paper, because a raw felt tipped pen will not produce the straight line of the barrel, nor the sharp corners of the trigger and muzzle! Period! Now…this same discovery speaks volumes about the Boulder Police Dept and the FBI, as well. Still needed on these very very related crimes and the evidence, is the thorough study of anagrams by people that have an open mind…people that can adapt their “way of thinking.” It would also help to recruit the help of honest journalists, especially those that have a robust memory of history. These crimes are truly organized criminal acts of domestic terrorism. Fortunately, the author of the related crime documents, is leaving us a journal for us to follow.

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