The August 2009 Trip to Atlanta

So on August 10, 2009, Det./Sgt. Cory Williams and MSP Det./Sgt. Garry Gray went to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with John Hastings. He voluntarily provided a DNA sample. It was later determined that there was no match with the hair evidence in the OCCK case. It is helpful to read this part of the FOIA file because it shows law enforcement did follow up on John Hastings. The questions are actually quite pointed at times. Mostly, Hastings denies ever knowing or seeing Chris Busch and complains about the witch hunt against him. Witch hunt. Poor guy.

As part of the interview, Hastings agreed to another polygraph. The three of them discuss what will be involved in that polygraph. I have not found any documentation that this polygraph ever took place. I continue to search the records for this. If he agreed to and then never took the polygraph, there are open questions about him as the investigators make plain in their discussions with him. If I find any documentation that he in fact showed up for this polygraph, I will post on my blog. Here are the FOIA documents covering the 2009 investigation into Hastings.

This first batch of document here begins with information about Vince Gunnels and then starts with Hastings about 12 pages in:


See also:


BLK BINDER 02_blk 00736-755 HASTINGS PART 3

This last section goes into an interview of one of Busch’s nephews, more on that later:

BLK BINDER 02_blk 00756-777

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  1. On page 10 of 20 there is a mention of a test wherein the mtDNA “matches” another. Is this the source of Gunnels’ DNA being in the car?

  2. In BLK BINDER Part 2, the last page, Hastings is asked whether he drew the picture which was found in Busch’s bedroom. He doesn’t say he didn’t draw it. He says “I don’t know that person”. That seems to be a slip up. I think he’s lying about “knowing that person”. It’s a denial of something nobody asked him.

  3. Hastings Part 3, second to last page is fascinating. Hastings talks about going to Brother Rice. He says that he was picked up by a car with three brothers in it who were in street clothes, which he says he had never seen them wear before.. I think it should read “Brothers” who were in street clothes, in other words ordained Brothers, who were teachers at Brother Rice, who were wearing civilian clothes, not clerical garb.. He’s talking about clergy, Catholic brothers. The following dialogue insinuates that these guys were gay and out galivanting.
    As you know, I’ve always felt there was a gay Catholic priest aspect to these killings.

    1. Also, I know these locations, schools and neighborhoods because I lived in Detroit, had boyfriends from Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham and graduated from Cass in 1969. Brother Rice was for “rich kids”. Also, Hastings claims he was a stock broker? But now he’s down and out, arrives in Atlanta with $8.? What happened to this person and more importantly, what led to his descent?

  4. As per BLK BINDER 777, they are just starting to talk about Chris Buschs closet and something about a lot of robes. More later? Thanks for all you do, you are unstoppable, Cathy.

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