Deadly Legacy

If you are looking for something to watch, check out Deadly Legacy on Hulu ( or Amazon Prime ( Detective Jason Moran is the one-man cold case unit for the Sheriff’s Department of Cook County, Illinois. His drive, attitude and compassion are pretty inspiring. Contrast this with retired MSP Det. Dave Robertson’s interview in Children of the Snow. Night and day.

“Authorities asking victims to come forward to get their justice in this case.”

This quote from a statement by the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force regarding federal charges filed against nine people related to a child sex trafficking operation. The ring leader is 69 years old. More proof that pedophiles never, ever stop. This man allegedly exchanged drugs for sexual access to children of drug-addicted mothers. The FBI and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations conducted the investigation and discovered the ring leader was not only sexually abusing children, but producing child pornography kept on flash drives.

Imagine if the FBI and the MSP ever publicly asked victims to come forward with regard to the pedophile and child porn ring in the Cass Corridor. If you read the FOIA documents, you see in black and white how decades later, Det./Sgt. Cory Williams (then with Livonia PD) pieced much together regarding the many sick people who victimized children in the Cass in the 1970s. No one helped them back in the day. Police tactics (use of pedophiles as informants and failing to charge perpetrators) may have made it worse. Imagine if the FBI and the MSP conducted an investigation like this of Frank Shelden and his sick associates and his pedophelia and child porn operations in Ann Arbor, Port Huron and N. Fox Island? Imagine if the FBI and the MSP, armed with information gained about the Cass and Fox Island, conducted their investigation in the OCCK case and pursued wealthy suspects the way this stupid low-life was recently pursued in Ohio.

It must be noted that child pornography was not made a crime until 1977. Congress first passed legislation against child pornography with the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation Act of 1977. This law made it a crime to knowingly use a minor under 16 years old in obscene depictions of sexually explicit conduct. Obviously there is child sexual abuse inherent in the making of child pornography and ultimately the prohibition of “depiction” was extended, via Supreme Court rulings, to distribution and possession of child pornography.

To keep up with technology, The Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 was enacted to criminalize child pornography on the internet, including virtual child pornography. It might be technically much easier to access child porn on the internet, but notice in the cited article officers and agents searched an area where the ring leader’s daughters were seen digging on their property. They discovered a memory card containing images of child pornography taken in the ring leader’s bedroom and buried inside a glass jar.

So while technology has advanced greatly since 1976/1977, this freak used the same method Greg Greene used to hide his pornographic Polaroids wrapped in tin foil–by burying it in a yard. Tin foil/jar, whatever. I bet the feds don’t lose this memory card or the jar it was found in.

These nine defendants were arrested after several sources came forward to tell law enforcement they suspected the ring leader was having sex with boys and girls with their parents’ consent, in exchange for drugs. The investigation that ensued, detailed in the article, was extensive.

Imagine how many more children this animal would have been able to victimize if no one called police.

I’m betting you won’t get the same response as you would in the Ohio case described above, but if you have any information about the Oakland County child killings or any criminal activity related to these crimes, please call the MSP Tip Line at 833-784-9425. It is never too late to do the right thing.

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