More Silence from the Detroit Area Press

Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, has been out for about two weeks. Nothing in the Detroit area press about her book. I realize times are different right now with COVID-19, but this smacks just a little too much of the Detroit area press always playing it cozy (or at least safe) with law enforcement. Maybe it’s just the long history of lap dog cop beat reporters in Southern Michigan. There were not any Marilyn Wrights in the Detroit area in the 70s writing about the original Pedophile Island, North Fox Island. No, Wright wrote those powerful investigative journalism pieces from Traverse City, Michigan. The Detroit press didn’t have jack shit to say about any of that.

Silence does not create justice. It never has and it never will. To steal from a George Will column today in The Washington Post, on an entirely different topic, “”Hell,’ Thomas Hobbes supposedly said, ‘is truth seen too late.'”

Other news outlets are interested in the story of failure and corruption in Oakland County. I guess in OC denial just feels better. Welcome to Hell.

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  1. That’s outrageous! I just finished reading your Dad’s story last night. Wow! I’m ordering this book of Marney’s tonight. Something is surely up when our own Detroit papers don’t want to even mention the book. I’m seriously mind boggled. I had no idea you and your father were attorneys. I was married to an attorney for 18 years. Probably where I’ve gotten my attraction to this travesty (as well as being a kid from B’ham during all of this) that seems to have been done so wrong on this since Day One. Keep fighting,

  2. The problem is that most people do not care at all. Second, in America, hence Michighan, unless a crime story is something to sell to the people to improve a television network’s ratings, regardless of how heinous the event it will never be covered. This case goes back to the 1970’s: too far back for the average American who couldn’t give a hoot about history. I am not a cynic just a realist. The main importance for a book like that of Miss Marney Keenan is for people like us who investigate, it can offer other facts hereto unknown. Did any politician or high ranking law enforcement official enact a special cold case investigation after the five part Where Detroit Is Vital investigative film report, I ask? If so please let me know. If they did not then don’t lose sleep over a book not getting the coverage it should. Film has a more wide spread audience than literature, yet with three films already made, other than three books, and only one should be enough to be a catalyst for action, and with no dynamic renewed investigation and research being put into action, it is obvious that A. No one really cares of those who should be at the helm of finding the truth of this crime. B. Believe it or not these heartless social public servant elites will even not enact anything because they would consider it cost prohibitive, and C. There are dark forces at work at all levels of Michigan society, as in all countries, that just won’t allow their own kind to be handed over to justice, whatever the crime. Namely, they are involved one way or another in this case. Very evil to say the least. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  3. The upcoming election would be a good reason to get this book and case back up in the news as it relates to Cooper’s history with it.

    Guess someone needs to put a bug in the right ear or write a letter with a huge megaphone attached to it.

  4. I noticed there was nothing written about it and that’s awful, I’m down to the last 30 pages or so but the book is excellent.

  5. I’m on my first reading because, as you know, I have to take it in in small doses. However, I did a search yesterday of news pieces about the book thinking that Marney and Cory would be overwhelmed with media requests. Crickets. I am shocked but I am not surprised.

  6. I was looking for the book review in the Detroit Free Press and couldn’t find it. Thought that was odd because the Free Press always reviews books from authors in Michigan. So Detroit Free Press and Detroit News all I have to say is “shame on you”!

      1. Dear Miss Broad, Yes, the young audience who gets a perverse pop culture rush from these shows but who couldn’t give a single sincere thought or prayer for those who suffer like the Children of Oakland County. They thrive on these shows as if it was the Top Of The Pops music charts. God Bless, Aristo Boho.

  7. Being that the Detroit News was her employer for 26 years, you’d think they’d do an article and be proud of their former employee.

    1. B…funny you wrote that. I sent the Detroit News a DM on twitter stating that very fact.

      Marney deserves some hometown props for the extensive investigative reporting, research, and light she shines on the darkness of these unsolved murders.

      I also engaged with WDIV in hopes they’ll do the same. It helps more when other local readers send out requests and reviews of her book too.

  8. I have noticed there is an unusual silence around this case. I grew up in OC, but had not heard of this case until I was surfing the web (granted, neither of my parents are from the area), but when compared to other cases of serial child exploitation and murder, it has gotten little attention. I hope to purchase the book soon.

    1. So much silence. Oakland County and the Michigan State Police cannot be permitted to keep a lid on their mal and misfeasance in this case. It is a stark contrast to every other cold case in this nation. The investigation was so bungled and the OCP and MSP have used their power to shut down inquiry at every turn. A dirty, corrupt county and a law enforcement agency that has not evolved much from its old school, useless culture. With a little help from the Detroit office of the FBI. They all have blood on their hands. And the response “people don’t care anymore” might be true (especially in a place like Oakland County), but why then do other jurisdictions make actual progress, with transparency, in other very cold cases?

  9. You know I just found a book called portraits in the snow I’m just wondering if that book was worth ordering as well as the snow killings

    Thank you Kathy and I hope all is well

    1. I think you would find it very interesting, Frank. It was published in 2011. I had loaned my copy out to someone and never got it back, so I recently reordered it. It is worth reading.

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