More Silence from the Detroit Area Press

Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, has been out for about two weeks. Nothing in the Detroit area press about her book. I realize times are different right now with COVID-19, but this smacks just a little too much of the Detroit area press always playing it cozy (or at least safe) with law enforcement. Maybe it’s just the long history of lap dog cop beat reporters in Southern Michigan. There were not any Marilyn Wrights in the Detroit area in the 70s writing about the original Pedophile Island, North Fox Island. No, Wright wrote those powerful investigative journalism pieces from Traverse City, Michigan. The Detroit press didn’t have jack shit to say about any of that.

Silence does not create justice. It never has and it never will. To steal from a George Will column today in The Washington Post, on an entirely different topic, “”Hell,’ Thomas Hobbes supposedly said, ‘is truth seen too late.'”

Other news outlets are interested in the story of failure and corruption in Oakland County. I guess in OC denial just feels better. Welcome to Hell.

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