The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation

Marney Rich Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, will be released on Thursday, July 23. You can pre-order it on Amazon or better yet from your local bookstore’s website.

You need to read it. Releases July 23.

6 thoughts on “The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation”

  1. Ordered the book though the publishers website, cant wait to read it. Thanks 🙂 Have a great holiday Cathy!

  2. The book has gone to press ahead of schedule and is now in print and shipping, and e-books are available.

  3. I preordered mine. I sure hope this prompts the media to hold the MSP’s feet to the fire for long over due answers. It goes without saying the DNA and the findings from the search warrant at Morning View. A media member has to grow the kahunas and hound them. Bob Robertson is on the record saying he would have made administrative changes he is also on record saying the cases are all connected but yet you’ve got Dave Robertson saying he thinks there’s separate killers for the boys and girls. Anyone who knows this case, knows the LeMans is an involved vehicle and yet Jr is on film saying it’s a Cutlass. I won’t even begin to comment on how he laughs on camera and is so caviler with his answers . With this being an election year., no one from the media wants to call out Jessica Cooper for saying she can’t let families know what is going on in the investigation in case there’s a perpetrator who is still living and I quote,”how
    contraindicated.” That stupid &@#%* cost the task force any leverage regarding the Sloan lead. As good as a reporter as Kevin Dietz was, it’s maddening watching his segment on her, due to a woman who won’t give up…,” (GAG) She should be sanctioned for that!!! If a local reporter is afraid for retaliation, you mean theres no acquaintances from Ohio or Canada that can’t ask the tough questions?!
    I wish I had the audio equipment and resources so I could put together a DVD.

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