Do you have information that could help solve the OCCK murders or related crimes?

If you have information you know you need to contact law enforcement. Right now that means the tip line at the Michigan State Police, 833-784-9425.

But I get it, who to trust? That is a very real concern in this and related cases. I have two contacts in law enforcement that I trust. I do not give out their contact information or forward information unless it makes some sense. That is a pretty low bar, but I’m sure the average person can understand that if someone has information that does not include a name, a license plate number or something concrete, nothing can be done about it 43 years later.

On the other hand, this information can help trigger memories of other incidents and people and this blog is a good place for that information to appear. Through this sharing of information, a much clearer picture appears of the very dangerous environments Oakland County and Wayne County were for children in the 1970’s. If you want to email me with your information rather than post directly on my blog, I can be the messenger if need be.

I will not call you. I made that mistake in the early years. You need to email me first at Again, if you won’t provide names, or even your own name, we aren’t going to get very far. And if your information includes crimes committed in other states, you are going to have to contact the other agencies involved as well. I have received a heartbreaking number of emails from people who were victimized in Michigan but fear for their safety in coming forward. What does that tell you about the state of law enforcement? While their stories filled out what I suspected to be true about goings on in Oakland County during the heyday of more “above ground” child pornography and pedophelia, without names and more details, nothing can be done except to grieve for a community that did not protect its most vulnerable.

Don’t let the bad guys win.

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  1. I’ve already talked about a pedo priest I was personally familiar with but I guess nobody chose to run it down. You mention that the 70s were the heyday for pedos and etc. Is it actually better now? Just wondering. I don’t live there anymore.

    1. I am going to edit that comment. I meant heyday for more open operations before the internet and before the 1977 legislation that forced these people even further underground.

  2. Dear Bit A Money, No, it is actually not better now: it is worse because it has become a an occult underground culture, aided and abetted by many, ever so many, with power to eradicate this , who do not care and have never cared. And believe me as an investigator, I am not being cynical or conspiratorial.

    May I please put forth a question to you, and also our hostess, Miss Catherine Broad: I have just discovered the existence of the film “Decades of Deceit, A True Story of the King Family Search for the Oakland County Child Killer”. There seems to be confusion about its running time: is it only only eighty-nine minutes /one hour and twenty-nine minutes, or is it 360 minutes / six hours long? Where can I study and view for free the complete film? God Bless, Aristo Boho

  3. Dear Miss Broad, Thank you for clarifying that the complete film of six hours are the thirty-one chapters. The confusion was because someone under one of the chapters said they had seen elsewhere all six hours. I am to understand timeline function to signify that if the numerical order of the chapters is disordered, namely 25 precedes 14 one just need look at the numeration for the proper sequence.

    Thank you. Many probably know but in case someone doesn’t all five episodes of the Michighan television network, Where Detroit Is Vital on “The Oakland Child Killer Murders And North Fox Island” are available on that station’s web site on Channel 4,and it’s better from there than on YOU TUBE. By the way I haven’t yet found who the director of this film is. Anyone known?


    SCROLL DOWN for the proper numerical order, 1-5. It is unfortunate, at least to my knowledge, that “Children Of The Snow’ is not available for free viewing. A pity. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  4. the boy was kidnapped on livernois  two men had him held tight quickly walking with him they pulled the kids hat and hood over his face when i passed by them ..i was on my way to farmer jack this happened near lincoln jr high  at the time i didn’t pay it any mind i figured it was just the kids older brother and friend being mean and i was on a mission to pick up a few items for my mom for supper……..didn’t occur to me till decades later of this whole kidnapping spree now titled the oakland county killings what happened and what that incident was about ..upon further research i realized the two guys were the guy from birmingham the big exec at ford’s son and his  blond haired friend who is still alive and possibly in jail still ..those were the men i saw with that stubbins kid i can’t remember the names but i know what i saw

  5. Hi Cathy, I found your blog while looking at and buying a copy of “Children of the Snow.” My name is Patrick OBrien and I was a friend of Tim’s. I might have even met you way back then. I went to Adams school with Tim. I think about him a lot. I am 56 years old now and live in Taos, NM. I go white water canoeing on the Rio Grande River near me and I will often find a secluded little beach to sit on, watch the water roll by at the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge. At these times of peaceful solitude his memory will float into my mind, it always makes me smile and makes me sad. I have read into your blog and am in awe of your dedication and passion, your clarity and balance. You handle this ongoing, very difficult subject matter with grace. I have no information to add, I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know that Tim is in my heart still and always will be. Thank you.

  6. When the police searched the Busch ‘s house did they check to see if there was a bomb shelter? I was at a Christmas party at a house in that area and the home owner showed me one that was in her house. If she didn’t show me I would not of seen it. If there was dry wall in front of the small entrance you would not know it was there.

    1. Sandy, as I recall there was a room like a fruit cellar (remember those-with shelves?) that had been drywalled over. There was no mention of a bomb shelter-type set up.

      1. Dear Cathy, Patrick & Sandy, To verify this wouldn’t it be logical to make enquiry to the King Family to find out if, a cellar, or bomb shelter or fruit cellar or whatever was properly and thoroughly searched, and also to see if this was, as it should’ve been, put in a criminal case file by the law enforcement that made the investigation. God Bless, Aristo Boho.

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