“Endorsement: In Democratic primary for Oakland County prosecutor, Karen McDonald is best choice.”

The primary is August 4. The Detroit Free Press published an endorsement of candidate Karen McDonald for the following strong and defensible reasons:


Before the Free Press editorial staff continues to pat itself on the back for its previous endorsements of current prosecutor Jessica Cooper, and effuses any more gratitude for her “ethical stewardship,” someone there ought to read The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, which released last week.

The Snow Killings.

Ethical? How about cynical.

If you live in Oakland County vote Karen McDonald for prosecutor on August 4. You have time to read Marney Keenan’s book before then–and you should.

The editorial notes that L. Brooks Patterson clung to power until the bitter end and that his “patrons and rivals indulged him to the end.” How sickening. Clean house in Oakland County. Rise above the sorry past of Amity–I mean, Oakland County.

11 thoughts on ““Endorsement: In Democratic primary for Oakland County prosecutor, Karen McDonald is best choice.””

    1. Good deal, Jeremy. I sent copies of The Snow Killings (Keenan), The Kill Jar (Appelman) and Portraits in the Snow (Cribari) from Amazon to Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham. All three were delivered this week.

      1. Thanks Cathy, I have all of those books and the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing written in the early 80’s I think plus the Decades of Deceit DVD’s. Everyone my age living in Oakland County at that time will never forget. I lived in Southfield at the time, I was 12 and my mom used to shop at the Shopping Center Market in New Orleans Mall. I would go to the Effros drug store to buy candy while she shopped. I was in a kids bowling league at Hartfield Lanes across from the 7-11 where Kristine was abducted. It hit so close to home and our lives changed forever. I couldn’t stay out late to play anymore, I couldn’t go into stores alone anymore. Years later I had Tom Robinson as my English professor at OCC Royal Oak and I’ll never forget the first night of class he told us about his daughter being abducted and killed, his face was almost pale and he never mentioned it again. I pray everyday that this gets solved. I will always live with the fear of that time period, I suppose that’s why I’m still so interested in what’s going on with the case to do this day. All the Best to you and your family. Jeremy

  1. Just dropped off my absentee ballot today with Karen McDonald’s name checked off. It’s long past time for Jessica Cooper’s reign of error to end.

  2. This Jessica Cooper must be some kind of slick sister. She can wangle her way in, up and around every crevice.

  3. Yes, please vote Jessica Cooper out. Still pushing the BS narrative on this case. A puppet left over from L. Brooks’ days.

    Sick of seeing her commercials.

    1. No more puppets. Our country has enough of them. Clean house in Oakland County. Now’s your chance to get a start on that before the November election.

  4. Hi Cathy,

    Still think of you and your family after all these years. I was a 15 year old living in Oakland County at the time of Tim’s death. Now, as a mother, cannot even imagine the pain and suffering 💔 your family endures. Just wanted you to know I never forgot, never could forget the horror and obvious corruption that occurred. You are in my thoughts and prayers forever.

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