Told you your vote for sheriff is important.

Read the comments, too. So many thoughts. I agree with the person who said sheriff’s departments should be abolished. Spend the tax dollars on other law enforcement who can be a little less corrupt and have a little more oversight. Big budgets in a lot of counties and they report to NO ONE but the voters every four years, who don’t spend a minute considering this vote. So many examples of sheriffs around the country who just pass the buck to another agency, unless they want to fuck with someone or unless it’s close to election time. Let’s be done with this model of policing.

Second, what the hell happened to Michigan? I got the hell out of there as soon as I turned 18, but over the decades it has become more and more appalling. Seriously. What. Happened?

7 thoughts on “Told you your vote for sheriff is important.”

  1. It’s really disturbing Cathy. Like you said they think they can do whatever they want because they aren’t accountable to anyone. I think we can also guess the politics of these folx as well.

  2. Hey Cathy, I referenced this before , but it bears repeating. I think the annual budget for the Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept was something like a billion dollars and they want millions to completely re do their target range, offices, etc.. This was recently profiled in both The Detroit Free Press and the Oakland Press, I believe.

  3. Exhibit A for policing reform. Get rid of this expensive, duplicative method of policing and actually evaluate where the money is going and what the return on it is. It is bullshit.

  4. A reader told me he heard various Michigan sheriffs interviewed on WWJ. They all said they will not keep the guns away from the polls and the MSP says they don’t have the manpower to do anything.

    Oh I bet these agencies will find the manpower real fast if there is violence involved. Rather than prevent it, they will get in on any chance to escalate. How about spending money training these people in deescalation rather than paying for a new shooting range? Fuck your new range and your new building if you won’t do your job. Stay current on your gun skills on your own time at a private range. Many professions require staying current and up-to-date with relevant skills not only on a person’s own time, but their own dime. “Not enough manpower.” Then you don’t get to spend a bunch of dough on new facilities. There is never transparency in policing and they do whatever the hell they want.

  5. Hey, Cathy, the issue of law enforcement in Michigan seemingly turning away from the guns at the polls issue was just on MSNBC today.

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