A Much Bigger Picture

This is what can happen when people take a chance and step forward, step outside of convention and make an offer of powerful decency and assistance:

More tomorrow about how this project came together and the two people who put together these powerful tools.

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  1. Wow! I’m very impressed with the OCCK Case Overview and the Timeline. Both are well put together, easy to follow, and they give a visual perspective on how one is able to analyze this case and the many other aspects that surround it. Being able to add more facts as they are discovered going forward with hopes of new leads and jarred memories/flashbacks will make this project a success. I have a good feeling about this!

    Kudos to all involved!

    My notes and thoughts could have never done it so eloquently.

  2. This is so important for understanding- especially for the people and generation just discovering the horror of what was happening in Oakland County. I’ve always likened these cases and the leads, information, and times of occurrence to the tentacles of a jellyfish. They dangle, unnoticed until they brush against something that cause a sting, stirring a reaction that moves the tentacles around until they are tangled together and impossible to pull apart. These tools; the timeline, the documentary and The Snow Killings have done an incredible job of placing people and events in a way one can step back and see the greater picture more clearly. I am grateful for these works and hopefully moving forward that more people will be compelled to talk but more hopeful that the powers that be will be unable to ignore this.

  3. I was 11 years old back then and prayed ever since that God would bring the murderers to justice. I always since then wanted to meet Barry King in person and show him my prayers and support for his and the other victims families. Barry melted my heart.

  4. One minor correction, and a question.

    The timeline has February 15, 1976 as the date of “Arch Sloan calls police RE working late” and then cites page 202 of “The Snow Killings” – Cory Williams’ interview with Arch Sloan in 2013. Yet Williams makes it clear that the Sloan phone call was Wednesday, February 18, the last night of Mark Stebbins’ life, not Sunday the 15th, the day Mark was kidnapped.

    A small point.

    Slightly more significantly, Cory Williams accused Sloan of driving around with Stebbins’ body on the floorboards of Sloan’s tow truck/wrecker, en route to the Southfield drop site. Yet the hairs matching those found on both Mark and Tim were recovered from Sloan’s Pontiac Bonneville, not the tow truck.

    Would Sloan have dared drive a body around in his personal vehicle? Yet Williams believed that Sloan transported a body in his tow truck. If so, why would Sloan use two different vehices?

    Cory Williams, if you are reading this, can you clear this up for me?

    1. Paul, just to clarify for you; the hair recovered from Sloan’s Pontiac was not our victim’s hairs but a hair believed to be a suspect due to the same person’s hair found on both boys bodies. during their autopsies. What I’m saying is that there’s nothing that says the boys were ever in the Pontiac, simply that the suspect at one point may have been in Sloan’s Pontiac. I hope this makes sense to you. It not easy to wrap your head around this stuff sometimes.
      Take care.


    1. Sorry, Cory—I have to keep comments in the queue and manually approve them before they post due to a bigger influx of asshole posts. I try to stay on it. Just don’t want people to get attacked for their posts.

  5. Paul,

    Just to clarify your DNA questions, first you need to know that the hair recovered from Sloan’s Pontiac was not the victims hairs, but a hair believed to be a suspect. The hair from the Pontiac came from the same person as hairs recovered from the boys bodies during their autopsies. This means that the boys MAY never have been in the Pontiac. It also means that the suspect had been in the Pontiac at some point or the hair from the suspect made its way into Sloan’s car during a transfer from an object or other person.

    I hope this clarifies things for you. It not easy to wrap your head around this stuff.
    Take care.


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