14 thoughts on “Another POS Criminal Coach in Michigan”

  1. Two justice systems. If you are this guy, your attorney gets to say you will turn yourself in; go home, get your toothbrush, off yourself. It’s kind of like attorney L. Bennett Young of Birmingham telling prosecutors in 1976 that he sure will let them know the next time Frank Shelden reaches out. How about the 4 am, kick down the door, grab the guy’s cell phone and computer deal? Neighborhood too good for that?

  2. If you can access The Detroit Free Press it is front page news today along with his connections to Larry Nassar.

  3. The criminal complaint against this man was unprecedented. Along with allegations of CSC, the allegations reveal a brutally abusive coach and an astonishing years’ long breadth of criminality. An Orange County newspaper reported the “eerily reminiscent” 2015 suicide of 49-year-old USA gymnastics coach Marvin Sharp. Sharp killed himself in an Indianapolis jail cell while being held on four counts of child molesting and three counts of sexual misconduct with a minor. Between Sharp, Epstein and now Geddert, hopefully prosecutors have learned you don’t give these privileged, white, male sex offenders any slack. No “turn yourself in,” and 24-hour suicide watch. No leeway to move assets before the civil suits start. No sitting on these allegations like the Detroit office of the FBI did on the Nassar CSC complaints. And you know what? No backing down from institutions like MSU without a court battle on their cries of “attorney-client privilege” as they sabotage investigations into their criminal employees. https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2021/02/suicide-of-john-geddert-ex-olympics-coach-accused-of-abusing-gymnasts-wont-end-fight-for-justice-victims-attorney-says.html.

    And, as usual, it is now left to the victims’ attorneys to do the dirty work; to get some answers, to try to seek some justice. And god knows we can’t release any information about how Geddert offed himself or how he was allowed the leeway to pull that shit off. That’s how sex criminals who are Olympic gold-medal coaches and “good family men” get treated. Prosecutors, you are all on notice now about how these criminal defendants need to be managed so that the victims are not stuck, once again, holding the bag. This is #3 in the easy-way out department.

  4. Hey Cathy, I am pretty sure WWJ radio in Detroit AM 950 reported he shot himself with a handgun at a rest stop around Lansing, Michigan yesterday.

  5. Well then, let’s see the newspapers catch up. And let’s see a reporter go after the story of how this man was allowed the leeway to pull this off. Maybe a reporter from Orange County will get the job done.

  6. Anytime you want to find potential predators of children always look at the places whom cater to our youths and there’s a 85% probability you will find the business owners preying on minors. Teen and child beauty pageants, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, DeMoley, Rainbow Girls, gymnastics and other sports attrac t sexual predators. However with social media and internet today child predators are getting more tactful. They’ll post pictures of children and teens and pretend to be those children and will communicate with minors and children pretending to be the child in the photo and profile. Therefore I do not recommend parents purchasing cellulars with anything more than receiving regular texts and phone calls. Its tough enough for parents to monitor their childrens activities on a home computer or laptop and evenmore on a cellular device. If anyone has been paying attention that more children are getting abducted than ever. The FBI arrested a 32 year adult male over a month ago for having sex with a 12 year old female and dumping her in a strange neighborhood and kept the victims cell phone. Why was this 12 year old victimized? Simply from having too much technology at the touch of her fingers and the desire to have sex with an adult. If the perp had left her with her cellphone would she have gotten upset and told her parents? I find it very doubtful.
    The issues we have to accept today that there are just as many if not more underage children seeking sex adults than adults are with children. It is being promoted in the movie and music industry and in many cases the adult males are not man enough and too weak to put such minors in their places and contact their parents. Instead they mistakenly think they won’t get caught but once they are they have to face the grim reality that a child under the age of consent cannot lawfully engage in sexual activities as consensual relationships including with other minors or children.
    I remember at DeMoley Conclave in Macon, Georgia in 1982 that certain Masons showed up with cocaine the final night of the three day event and every floor of the Hilton was total chaos. I had to carry a female my age back to her motel room to her matrons because fellow members were trying to take her into a motel room to rape her. Regardless to say conclaves were never held at the Hilton in Macon again that I am aware of. But as my famous statement always has been since 2005: a predator will use any substance, tool, instrument, device or currency to lure, persuade, coerce and entice another to commit lewd, lascivious and indecent acts or encounters with him/herself or another person or party for their personal satisfaction whether sexual or nonsexual or political or financial gain.
    If we were to arrest every predator preying on children and corrupt politician condoning it we would have to empty our prisons of nonviolent drug offenders to make enough room and still would overcrowd the prison system. Sad but true. .
    . .

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