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  1. This is horrible for the people of Cincinnati. Fortunately many other Bishops within the church have taken this issue very seriously. In the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia we have very strict protocols for dealing with and working with children. This should be mandated across the entire church as a requirement.

  2. From the Bishops Accountability Website:

    Drew, Geoffrey (Indicted) Diocesan Pastor of St. Ignatius in Green Township since mid-2018; placed on leave 7/23/19. Accused of sending inappropriate text messages to at least one boy at the parish school. Had been complaints to church officials about his behavior toward teen boys at his previous parish in 2013 and 2015. Auxiliary Bishop Binzer knew of the complaints but reportedly did not inform Archbishop Schnurr. One parishioner said she wrote Schnurr and Binzer in 8/18 about “red flags.” Drew was was kept in ministry ‘under monitoring;’ St. Ignatius parish and school leaders were not told of the prior complaints or monitoring. In 8/19 Binzer is a member of the USCCB committee on child protection. As of 7/19, Drew was to be sent to treatment. Indicted in 8/19 on 9 counts of rape of a boy, age 10-11, occurring 1988-91 while a music teacher at St. Jude’s in Green Township. Pled not guilty. Trial date set for 2/24/20. In jail on $5M bond. Pope Francis accepted Binzer’s resignation in Spring 2020. Cincinnati, OH Sources:
    WCPO 08.02.19; WHIO TV 08.03.19; Catholic News Agency 08.05.19; CIncinnati Enquirer 08.05.19; SNAP 08.07.19; WCPO TV 08.07.19; Catholic News Service 08.08.19; Dayton Daily News 08.11.19; WKRC TV 08.12.19; The Catholic Telegraph 08.19.19; WCPO TV 08.19.19; Fox19 08.21.19; WDTN TV 08.21.19; Daily News 08.22.19; WCPO TV 08.22.19; 700 WLW News 08.23.19; Journal News 08.24.19; National Catholic Register 08.24.19; FOX 19 09.05.19; Catholic News Agency 09.17.19; WCPO TV 09.19.19; Cincinnati Enquirer 10.09.19; FOX 19 10.11.19; FOX 19 10.16.19; FOX 19 10.22.19; FOX 19 10.28.19; WCPO 12.30.19; Associated Press 05.07.20; Toledo Blade 09.06.20; Cincinnati Enquirer 12.07.20; WVXU 12.16.20; WCPO 12.17.20
    WCPO TV 08.19.19

  3. Bob k
    The Catholic church is so infiltrated by these types that often times you have pedophiles in charge of disciplining other pedophiles.
    Some of the most dangerous and difficult to catch criminals are those that move around to other areas to commit their crimes.
    The Catholic Church’s practice of moving these child rapists to parishes in other parts of the country is essentially the same thing.

    I ask, why does the Church believe they are above the law?
    Shouldn’t the bishop in this case be charged with aiding and abetting the felony sexual assault on children by these creeps?

    What this bishop should have done is turn this fraud “priest” over to the authorities, kick him out of the priesthood and excommunicate him from the church.
    Zero tolerance.

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