Genesee County getting the job done.

Here’s another case involving bad actors from Oakland County where Genesee County gets the ball rolling. Anyone with a passing understanding of the history of the OCCK investigation is familiar with how this works.

4 Comments on “Genesee County getting the job done.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    -it fails to mention the moronic judges involved

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s shameful!!! Too bad there’s not a disciplinary board for prosecutors when they intentionally & maliciously sabotage a criminal case, I.e. Jessica Cooper & the Arch Sloan lead. Can the families civilly go after her?

    • cathybroad says:

      It’s called obstruction of justice and no one in Michigan has the spine or the stomach to get to the bottom of it. The Michigan State Bar Association Grievance Committee is a joke. Where I come from, attorneys are supposed to report another attorney who commits an ethical violation. In Michigan, they look the other way.

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