Genesee County getting the job done.

Here’s another case involving bad actors from Oakland County where Genesee County gets the ball rolling. Anyone with a passing understanding of the history of the OCCK investigation is familiar with how this works.

4 thoughts on “Genesee County getting the job done.”

  1. That’s shameful!!! Too bad there’s not a disciplinary board for prosecutors when they intentionally & maliciously sabotage a criminal case, I.e. Jessica Cooper & the Arch Sloan lead. Can the families civilly go after her?

    1. It’s called obstruction of justice and no one in Michigan has the spine or the stomach to get to the bottom of it. The Michigan State Bar Association Grievance Committee is a joke. Where I come from, attorneys are supposed to report another attorney who commits an ethical violation. In Michigan, they look the other way.

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