State legislatures are starting to realize the legal gaps protecting pedophiles.

Today the Pennsylvania legislature is voting on “window” legislation which would create a two-year civil liability window for child sex abuse survivors to bring suits that were previously long barred by the statute of limitations. See Supporters are aware they have enough votes to pass this window legislation in the PA senate. Which leads me to this series of disturbing tweets:

As I have posted before, maybe the Catholic church could save itself some money, or at least reorient the expenditure of its flock’s funds, by getting rid of its pedophile priests (I realize how much this will thin the ranks), and stop moving them around the country to victimize other kids. The church not only pays lobbyists obscene amounts of money, but also has to pay attorneys to defend their criminal priests and then the settlements/damages in civil lawsuits. This while they also spend tons of money to enact restrictive abortion laws and then ignore living children who are victimized by their own “army.” And on top of that, they have to pay their Catholic mafia security firms they use to fuck with victims and their representatives and supporters. I wonder how that squares with their Ten Commandments? And of course, their little “fundraisers.” Senator Kim Ward–what a joke you are. Better hit the confessional some time this week. CHILD USA is right–protect kids, not bishops. When will this religion (and others, like the Mormons), lose their grip on malleable state and federal legislators?

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The laws were changed in Michigan in 2019 to expand the statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse to file civil and criminal cases. See Even with these changes, Michigan still ranks as one of the most restrictive states for giving survivors access to the justice system. Only a portion of the law was retroactive (the “window”), and was clearly designed to carve out exceptions for victims of serial child sex offender and MSU “Dr.” Larry Nassar, as well as of rival U of M’s late “Dr.” Robert Anderson. ttps://;

This legislation was a start in creating a safer environment for children in Michigan, but only a long overdue start. Michigan has been a friendly environment for decades for pedophiles and it flourished exponentially as monster Frank Shelden was allowed to act with impunity in many parts of southeast Michigan and in Charlevoix and N. Fox Island, and then escape to the Netherlands. I wonder how many priests were on his “client” lists? And Oakland County, Michigan, was a hotbed for pedophiles in suits and wearing stethoscopes during the era of the OCCK abductions and murders. I maintain this is in large part why those crimes were never “solved”–because to do so would expose men who worked at high levels in the auto industry and in state government. Child sex and porn activity gravitated there because it was safe to do so. Every prosecutor since L. Brooks Patterson has this sad history to answer for. Somebody backed down when it came to pedophiles with power and money and children became very disposable in that county. That is your history and you need to get honest. For once.

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