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Let’s have a discussion about John Hastings and his friends at the Michigan State Police.

On January 13, 2021, I wrote the following about the polygraph conducted by the Georgia Highway in October 2009 on John Hastings:


In September 2020, I posted the following about the same subject:

Having “done business” with the Michigan State Police before in FOIA matters, on January 29 I decided to start with the Georgia Highway Patrol and sent the following FOIA request to the Open Records Unit in Atlanta:

The response:

I then tried three different emails for Steve Duncan, the polygrapher who conducted the polygraph on Hastings. Two bounced back, one did not. I did not hear back from him.

Then I was stuck going to the MSP. On February 10 I sent the following FOIA request to the MSP. Note that I included the relevant, dated report discussing the materials I was requesting.

Fifteen days later, on February 25, the usual request for an extension of time to respond:

March 11, the letter asking for a deposit. I paid the $271.98:

April 22, need more time to respond:

And today, the response demonstrating the MSP are still very much the assholes they were when my Dad had to file suit against them to respond to FOIA requests and then charged him over $11,000 for 3500 or so pages:

Did you catch the “Additional comments” section at the very end where it says: “The Michigan State Police cannot locate copies of the DVD or the separate reports prepared by Duncan.” IN WHAT THEY CALL AN “OPEN HOMICIDE CASE,” A SERIAL CHILD MURDER CASE WITH FOUR VICTIMS, AFTER THIS AGENCY HAS BEEN IN THE SPOTLIGHT FOR FUCKING UP EVIDENCE, THEY CAN’T FIND THE DVDs AND REPORTS PREPARED FOR THEM BY A GEORGIA INVESTIGATOR IN 2009?

So basically, they want over $600 to send me copies of the three fucking pages I included in my FOIA request to guide their search. The pages where MSP D/Sgt. Garry Gary summarizes his chat with polygrapher Duncan, who “advised there was no question in his mind, whatsoever, that [Hastings] has some involvement with the murders of these children. He stated he didn’t know to what degree of involvement he may have, whether did the murder or assisted, but he firmly believes he was involved.” He stated again “that there is no question in his mind that he is involved with these murders.” When asked if Duncan thought Hastings knew Busch, “he stated absolutely.”

You have knowledge, you child-hunter. The only reason you skated is that you would have then been linked up to Chris Busch, who links to H. Lee, who links to . . . well, you know some of the “who’s,” don’t you John? That could have gotten very messy for a lot of people, not just you.

I will appeal this bullshit, because I remember from the FOIA documents we previously got that there is a fucking log indicating receipt of these materials by the MSP from Georgia Highway Patrol in the pages following Gray’s report. They will still claim “they can’t find it,” and I do not believe for a single second that anyone got off their ass at that agency for 18 hours to search for the requested material, which should have been filed under Hastings, John, 2009. It’s not that hard. That place is shameful.

Why doesn’t somebody spend 18 hours with that Y-str DNA sample developed in Kristine’s case. This development was discussed in Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigations. You know, the kind of sample where they separate male DNA from female DNA to get a profile? You know, the male DNA Dr. Robert Sillery said was not present? That seems like a good use of 18 hours.

And by way of comparison, check out this specific cost break down for a FOIA request I filed with the Birmingham Police Department. The state police continue to play manipulative games at the expense of victims. Not all agencies are as callous and vindictive.

Before you tell me to go to the Oakland County Prosecutor or the Attorney General’s office about Hastings and this little matter of Steve Duncan’s conclusions after interviewing and polygraphing Hastings–I did. In January, before I decided to send the FOIA request to Georgia. Response? As of April 28, 2020, nothing.

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    1. I really don’t know why they did the polygraph in the first place. They obviously had no intention of acting on any results. I just don’t understand anything about this, I can’t imagine your frustration. This might sound like a dumb question, but can the MSP be sued? If so, I wonder if a Fieger or someone would take it on? This all screams of cover up, but how to get a high-profile person involved that would make the MSP’s life miserable?

      And, I’m guessing the MSP spend all of 2 minutes looking for the DVD, if at all. There is nobody to make sure the archives are actually checked. They are all a bunch of horrible liars. I don’t know if there is someone truly evil involved in the cover up, or if the MSP is just worried that their total incompetence will be revealed. (That’s evil too).

      Regardless of all of that, it is obvious they don’t want this case closed or they would be doing something with the DNA material/information that they have. They make a big deal about tearing apart Busch’s house for show to get DNA, yet they have actual physical evidence in hand from the victims and it just sits. Unless that has been lost too.

      1. John’s sister worked for Fieger at one time. Which might explain part of the MSP cover up angle. So scratch that idea! Seems like the documentaries and authors avoid the Hastings side of OCCK altogether so it’s pretty much ignored. Too much focus on pedophile to ever give Hastings more than a quick glance!

  1. I’d like to know where Cory is in terms of investigating this lunatic? Is Gray leaving Cory in the dark? CHRIST He FAILED the damn polygraph. He knows something . The lunatic was involved. He’s alive for now. Is the old man in the photo DADDY Hastings ?

    1. Cory Williams has since retired.
      John Hasting’s DNA was taken but not a match.
      Very disturbing to me is the “covered up” evidence re: saliva on KM’s jacket that matched the son of a Michigan State Trooper, who just happen to own the Bonneville that was once owned by Arch Sloan. Dave Robertson revealed that for the first time on Children of the Snow. Garry Gray conveniently doesn’t remember & yet, there it was on paper in Dave’s hands. Besides incompetence, the MSP shows how there’s crucial evidence covered up, destroyed or left to collect dust. The Robertsons & MSP will always have blood on their hands!!!

  2. I’d like to know why hasn’t Cory got more involved pertaining to this lunatic? I’m a little disappointed that Mary’s book didn’t mention him more. It’s obvious Gray and Cory didn’t work together. CHRIST Duncan laid it out on Hastings. He should be under a God damn microphone. The only person that has was Dagner. He’s alive for now. Why does it seem like people are hiding this asshole? Is the old guy in the photo daddy Hastings?

    1. Cory did question him, more than once. I don’t mean to appear contrary because we all want justice. Lt. Dykstra of the MSP is very convinced Ted Lamborgine is involved as well. Helen Dagner admitted to lying & embellishing conversations &/or facts about JH. The position I take means nothing but I don’t believe JH did it. I think the composite sketch is of Greene. He was known to drive CB’s Vega Wagon with the white stripe and there’s diligent police officers (one who is deceased) who verified Greene was not locked up until June or July of ‘77. CB was so beastly hairy that if he shaved his beard, it would not take long for it to grow back. He could have easily been mistaken as 50/60 years old in a car at night that DW saw. The older composite sketch by DW could almost resemble H Lee Busch. It’s just too bad that Sloan, Lamborgine or Gunnells can’t be given sodium pentothal.

      1. It’s perplexing to me how cops can take the word of Richard Lawson on everything under the sun. But on the other hand they don’t follow though over the word of two experienced polygraphers (Duncan and his boss) from Georgia that were doing their job. What is even more perplexing is how the witness (I guess possibly 2 of them from pharmacy which agreed to the final first OCCK sketch) and with Wilson (different sketch altogether) counts 3 can completely miss a very ‘bluntly’ obvious feature in a face called the widow’s peak in Greene’s hairline. It is sure evident from ALL the photos I saw of Greene, so how could this be missed by the witnesses in their resulting sketches? I guess it goes along with a Vega Wagon being mistaken with a Gremlin? (Although the Gremlin was still in the parking lot in the first place which defeats the whole premise) Even more perplexing is how Greene got bailed out of jail in the first place which many authors seem to believe but could never explain. Did Mr Busch pay some money for him as well? It shows how pathetic this case is on how the debate continues on if someone was out of jail so many years later when the records indicate different. Maybe we should just put Hastings residence completely on the other side of town away from Busch while we’re at it! The main problem with Helen Dagner is there are many large egos depending and riding on the line if she is even partially correct and some out there cannot and will not allow that! There’s a few that come to mind right off the bat but I’ll leave the names out as we all can guess. Sadly it all remains a myth and always will be as something as simple as some records cannot be located for Cathy. Surely it is documented in print how and why the polygrapher and his boss came up with what they did as far as conclusions in 2009. Why can’t this be found? Cathy deserves an answer and the public deserves as explanation. The MSP claiming they can’t find the records or DVD indicates a huge cover up or no accountability for their responsibilities. Which one is it or is it both?

        1. Exactly that the Gremlin was still in the parking lot because it was the blue Vega Wagon that the abductor was standing by. Each witness at the drug store said “dark eyebrows” and that would be Greene. Like I said, not at all trying to be contrary, I just take the position that JH was strange and yanked HD’s chain. The blue Vega Wagon with a white hockey stripe owned by CB and driven frequently by GG, cannot be explained away. Besides the corruption, just cannot comprehend the incompetence all across the board.

          1. Quote – Each witness at the drug store said “dark eyebrows” and that would be Greene Unquote

            Forgot the eyebrows. I guess that will do it every time. LOL

            What I remember of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. There were 2 witnesses at the pharmacy. Eventually they both agreed to the first OCCK composite sketch that came out. The second witness struggled for a while trying to describe things and ended up agreeing to the 1st witness resulting sketch. They were probably in a hurry to get a sketch and description out to the public at that time.

            As I already stated Greene had a very pronounce widows peak hairline. It is extremely hard to ignore and if you count Wilson there are 3 witnesses that missed this detail. How anyone can say that Greene matches the sketch is stretching things a bit. Plus his hair was never parted like the sketches or like JH for that matter.

            I understand that people want to go with the popular narrative on this and even put Greene out of jail the day of Tim’s abduction when the sketch memories became established. But when things don’t line up, they just don’t line up. I guess we can keep pretending though if it pleases everyone.

            1. Greene didn’t have the finances to post the 75k bail. If you look at the composites there was a part in the suspects hair. Hence John Hastings . Who else can you say fit those 3-4 composites? Who else lived that close to Hunter Maple that would or could possibly hang out there at 8:30pm on a March Wednesday? You have to think pretty deep into the situation . Is it an educational hypothesis that Sheldon with his financial well being to sit behind a pharmacy waiting for a child? I’m not saying there’s not a 1% chance , but the percentages just are not there . Same with Sloan, Lamborghine, Busch lived within a few miles of the pharmacy and he had a brother that lived in the neighborhood, so you definitely can’t rule him out.

              1. Perhaps several cans of hair spray may be able to keep Greene’s hair parted on the side like that way for a couple hours but what is more puzzling is that ‘shape shifting’ Busch that suddenly shaved his beard and looks 20 or so years older. I guess the theory of disguising themselves makes it feasible but very hardly likely.

        2. Exactly, the gremlin was still in the parking lot because the abductor was standing in front of the Vega. The fact that a nearly identical twin care was owned by CB & frequently driven by GG, is something that cannot be explained away.

      2. Arch Sloan has a relative, John Sloan who was married to Cass Corridor’s Reverend Redmond’s daughter. Lamborgine turned down a sweet deal to rot in isolation for life in Max Security rather than talk about his role in the criminal enterprise of selling kids. His motive must have been terror.

  3. Karen McDonald and Dana Nessel- WHERE ARE YOU? John Hastings with the help of the late Bloomfield Twp. cop, Richard McNamee are the people who did these horrendous crimes.. Please see Doug Wilson’s hypnotized drawings. They are most certainly of and those two individuals. Hastings currently lives in Doraville,Georgia and is 71 years old. What more do you need???

    Can you please do your jobs and solve this case after 46 years? We have been patiently awaiting true action after years of incredible malfeasance by many in Law Enforcement.

    1. Well McNamee lived within walking distance of each other. Pretty odd they both exited the area after Tim was murdered . So many coincidences. Why isn’t there one thing mentioned about Johnny on any of his siblings social media? No pictures of John boy. Why are they hiding him?

      1. DNA, JH was not a match. CORRECT.

        DNA only tells part of the story. Victims had some signs of cleaning possibly over forensic concerns but still suspicious hairs were found. Possibly planted by the killer(s). Records indicate the boys were sexually assaulted with obvious traces of anal penetration but further examination on Tim seem to indicate that it was actually done after death – postmortem. (See Tim’s autopsy report where Dr. Spitz is talking to a staff of people & Dr. Tanay article) Is someone making it look like a sexual act? Unsure if accurate but some statements were made in recent times on each victim having a unique white animal hair and carpet fiber sample unique per victim. If this is true how much do we believe the hairs found would trace us back to the killer? Sounds like the killer was playing games and wanted attention by the cops and the public. Possibly the same ones that left the sketch at Busch murder? Further examinations may find more forensic traces showing signs with no connections between them possibly planted by the killer but may also reveal the killer(s) identity as well. Are such things as skin cells remaining on the victims items undetected after all of these years can be found? Would new forensic technology reveal this? What are we waiting for?

    2. livoniaguy;

      Great post!

      Examining the Doug Wilson sketches with photoshop, Richard McNamee and John Hastings are the closest match by a long shot. Near a 90% match on each of them. Facial features and all. What are the odds they lived close to Busch and both match the sketches so well? Wonder what McNamee drove for a car in those days and if his license plate had any type of match to what Wilson described? I guess if there was any type of police work done this would have been done already. But wait, we didn’t know about McNamee until recently and no one had ever saw the Doug Wilson sketches until recently. The cover up is still working and in place after all of these years. I guess using any new forensic technology on the victim’s items would be totally out of the question. After all they would actually have to find them in storage somewhere. Maybe we have to wait another 4 decades to protect the guilty?

      1. But John boy denies knowing Busch. He lived two streets over from him, they are the same age and they were both cooks and Hastings doesn’t know him. The MSP and many people don’t see Freak Hastings as a suspect because he had no pedophile convictions. Ted Bundy had no convictions either prior to killing 100 woman. How many 25 yr old have convictions? These for murders were not pedophile murders. They were just sadistic murders

        1. The polygraph conclusions from Georgia state that John definitely knew Busch for some reason. Contradictory to the interview Gary & Cory had with him earlier so what gives there? Apparently Gary and Cory had Helen Dagner blinders put on them where they couldn’t look or think straight. All the more reason why someone needs to find out what Duncan and his boss found out. Why did they make a statement that John knew Busch with so much certainty? Someone is withholding possible valuable information to this case!

          1. Maybe because Hastings lived two streets from Busch. Maybe because Busch And Hastings were the same age. Maybe because Busch abs Hastings were both cooks in Birmingham. Shall I continue? COINCIDENCE?

  4. Bob K
    Ultimately, it didn’t matter whether Greene was actually out of jail or not.
    For the same reason that Busch doesn’t appear in the last kidnap scene either

    Looking at the sequence of events immediately after the murder of Kris Mihelich in late January, the OCCK hysteria was in full force.
    About 2 weeks later, in early Feb., Greene was arrested in Flint Michigan on multiple counts of CSC with a minor.
    About 2 days later, Chris Busch was arrested on the same charges filed by Vince Gunnels.
    During their incarceration, Greene implicated Busch in the murder of Mark Stebbins.
    These 2 guys were questioned and polygraphed specifically in regards to the OCCK killings.
    Meanwhile, back at OCCK gang headquarters, the higher ups had to be extremely alarmed at these developments.
    After all, this is the same bunch that went thru extreme measures to eliminate forensic evidence.
    Although Busch (and maybe Greene) might have been out on bail, there is no way, no how that they were going to send these 2 clowns out on the street again. They were certainly way too toxic and high on police radar. After all by this point, they were good for 3 child murders already.

    Unfortunately, it looks like that they still had one experienced kidnapper who was not involved up in Flint. The guy who shows up on the witness sketches.
    Remember that the failed polygraph test in Georgia was for the first 3 crimes only.

    This guy might not know everything, but he likely knows enough to bring down the whole house of cards.
    He’d know the gang contact/handler (Hello, Ted Lamborghine!).
    He’d have to know the location of where the kids were held ( Gee, Bobby Moore,
    your mansion is a real house of horrors)
    Bob K

  5. This post really isn’t about whether Hastings was involved or not. And what I believe doesn’t matter. What matters is the stonewalling, and gaslighting by the MSP via malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance, ineptitude and outright Keystone coppery. The FOIA doc where Duncan declares his belief that Hastings knows something backed up by a DVD that was placed in the hands of the MSP is enough to warrant immediate further investigation. In the meantime, radio silence from the Oakland County Prosecutor is disappointing at the very least and smacks of the same playbook that office has always employed. I seriously have run out of words on this but, sadly, my anger intensifies.

  6. After Duncan’s findings on the Hastings polygraph, it would be an injustice if Hastings isn’t investigated any further. Hell as far as I’m concerned there’s already an injustice . This guy is alive , he’s one of the very few leads that there is and the MSP and the media have brushed this guy under the rug since day one. Why ? Because his DNA didn’t match what ? How about finding out if Hastings knew Sloan or Gunnels? I suppose if he did no big deal. How are you going to get one answer by investigating Busch or Greene? They are dead! Find out if God damn Hastings drove a freaking LeMans . There wasn’t a freaking Gremlin or a Vega involved . You people need to pay attention . Remember witnesses seen a LeMans pulling onto 75 the morning of Jill Robinson was discovered ? Remember the police officer that studied the LeMans print in the snow where Kristin was found? Doug Wilson said it was a LeMans that he seen in the Hunter Maple lot when Timmy was abducted. NOT A GREMLIN !

    1. Paying attention would mean that you’d know
      1. More than one vehicle was involved
      and 2. It was not a LeMans, it was a Pontiac Tempest.
      Btw, Arch Sloan owned pickups with camper tops and witnesses saw that type of vehicle at KM’s abduction area and at her drop off.
      Praying that an honest police officer/agency will take this case over.

    2. Certainly no need to take the Lord’s name vain.
      Doug Wilson said in his most recent statement to Mr King it was a Lemans but under hypnosis he said it was a cutlass. Jack Kalbfleisch owns up to one of the witnessed vehicles as a Light blue 1967 Pontiac Tempest. Of the many colossal blunders by LE is the fact that a serial pedophile had an identical car to one witnessed at an abduction sight. It is stated in police reports that the owner of the Gremlin that was parked in the Chatham Hunter Maple parking lot was owned by someone having an affair. It is a very odd coincidence that Busch owned a Blue Vega Wagon with a white stripe that looks exactly like a Gremlin. It’s obvious Law Enforcement dropped the ball. Gretchen Whitmer’s daddy was a big wig at GM so hopefully she’ll have no political influence as to the AG. It’s unfathomable that no one wants this solved. Cory Williams surely tried but Garry Gray & Jr over at the MSP sure obstructed him at every chance. Gray should have never been allowed to interrogate Ted Lamborgine and Jessica Cooper should be sanctioned or lose her law license for what she did in regards to the Sloan vehicle DNA lead. All these puzzle pieces but no completion. The magazines found in the attic in Crosbie’s sisters home, really, they belonged to the niece? That is spooky that it would be the exact edition out at the exact time Kristine Mehelich was in captivity.
      So many puzzle pieces just no exact fit

  7. It is my understanding that Gary & Cory were not even present when this polygraph test was conducted. They were already on their way back to Michigan or to another suspect they interviewed. Regardless the interview they had with JH previously reads rather passive and Gary seems to just lightly tip toe around things, let’s just say almost giving JH a pat on the back as pathetic as it reads. Marney Keenan book sure supplements and explains further what happened, the fact that Gary basically wrote off JH because of Helen before they even laid a foot in Georgia. Helen had wrote nasty things about Gary along with all the other cops so it’s only natural to be unprofessional.

    So what happened during the polygraph that caused Duncan to write such strong conclusions that John was somehow absolutely involved with these murders and he knew Busch? Not only that but his boss observed the entire polygraph test and concluded the same thing based on the document. Did JH crack and reveal his involvement? Sure sounds like it, if one was to try to fill in the blanks. Whatever the case what is left to read in those documents indicates Duncan and his boss seemed like they felt pretty strong on their conclusions. Because Gary & Cory were not present during the polygraph may be why a DVD was submitted in the first place. Duncan probably felt obligated to fully document their testing at the time and it’s possible importance. Perhaps no one from Michigan has ever viewed the DVD. Knowing what we know about Gary he would have had that thing completely buried long ago never to be seen by anyone. So perhaps the content was never evaluated fairly by anyone.

    Here we are 10 years later and still can’t find the truth. Absolutely insanely pathetic this whole thing really is and remains to be. Wild theories along with goose chases is all that this case has ever had.

  8. fuck this! MSP cant locate the DVD on the polygraph done by Steve Duncan. I would take this as far as I could. Attorney general Nessel. FBI. Id get a hold of Senator Peters. Screw that. Theres no way in Hell that I would let them just tuck the Polygraph under the door.

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