Here we are.

In the wake of my Dad’s death, and making good on a promise I made to him, I put together information for the newly elected Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald. I enlisted the help of people I felt had a good feel for the OCCK case. I tried to summarize loose ends and to provide a perspective from my family’s side of this nightmare. We all felt it was very important to provide background information to counter the misinformation the new prosecutor would no doubt be subjected to by the MSP, the Oakland County sheriff, and members of her own staff.

I started by sending her (as well as AG Dana Nessel) Marney Keenan’s book The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killing Investigation, as well as hundreds of pages from retired Detective Cory William’s cogent and well-organized notes. I then sent this letter:

On January 10 I received a phone call from Prosecutor McDonald, acknowledging receipt of the materials and letter. She wanted time to go over everything and was not open to the Zoom meeting I had requested. I wanted the people I listed and described to be present because their viewpoints would round out an honest evaluation of this case and I would not just be viewed as some angry family member.

On January 26, 2021, I then sent this letter:

I realize that stepping into an office that has been mismanaged and worse for almost 50 years has got to be pretty overwhelming and that current caseload and demands obviously take precedence. I still think I was entitled to some kind of a response to my letters. Even just “we haven’t forgotten about this case, we trying to figure out a way forward.” I sent the following email on June 6.

No response. So here we sit, five months later. We certainly can’t have a victim’s family member steering the investigation, or making demands, right? Even though H. Lee Busch, father of prolific pedophile Chris Busch was able to do just that.

I have slowly learned more since I sent these letters in January. I would write them differently today. Perhaps the new prosecutor now has some sense of the real cancer in this case, which metastacized from the very office she now heads. It’s a problem, it’s systemic, and it’s not going away.

I stole this line from Marney Keenan, but we continue to look upon those charged with delivering justice in this case with grave mistrust. Just what part of perpetuating the silence makes sense here? Call me and tell me you won’t go there and why. I know, I’m not a constituent and my Dad is dead. What a relief that must be.


This is really brave.

I have read with dismay over the past few weeks the comments following news articles about monster sex abuser and U of M Dr. Robert Anderson, defending the demi-god Coach Bo, who sent his athletes to this man for years. Sorry to be a buzzkill to your tailgating in Ann Arbor, but it’s pretty goddamn obvious Bo Schembechler not only knew about Dr. Anderson, he failed to protect his own son. So to you big defenders of the Blue and Gold and all things U of M football who refuse to see what is right under your noses: Wake up and TOUGHEN UP.

Can we finally get to the point where kids and college athletes are believed the first time when they come forward? Now every inquiry should involved the question who knew what, when. The same question should be asked in this OCCK case. Who knew what, when? Complicit enablers, who look the other way, are costing these universities and other “fine” institutions a lot of money. Of course that is always the only way to get the message through to these people. Let’s hope that with the increase in insurance premiums to these spineless institutions, some serious substantive changes to “business as usual” happen quickly. Who knew what, when. Here it is at least as early as 1969. Go (fuck yourself) Blue.

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