This is really brave.

I have read with dismay over the past few weeks the comments following news articles about monster sex abuser and U of M Dr. Robert Anderson, defending the demi-god Coach Bo, who sent his athletes to this man for years. Sorry to be a buzzkill to your tailgating in Ann Arbor, but it’s pretty goddamn obvious Bo Schembechler not only knew about Dr. Anderson, he failed to protect his own son. So to you big defenders of the Blue and Gold and all things U of M football who refuse to see what is right under your noses: Wake up and TOUGHEN UP.

Can we finally get to the point where kids and college athletes are believed the first time when they come forward? Now every inquiry should involved the question who knew what, when. The same question should be asked in this OCCK case. Who knew what, when? Complicit enablers, who look the other way, are costing these universities and other “fine” institutions a lot of money. Of course that is always the only way to get the message through to these people. Let’s hope that with the increase in insurance premiums to these spineless institutions, some serious substantive changes to “business as usual” happen quickly. Who knew what, when. Here it is at least as early as 1969. Go (fuck yourself) Blue.

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  1. Coach Bo’s son said he was only ten years old when Anderson molested him. For those of you in Metro Detroit, WWJ AM 950 radio is hosting the press conference today.

  2. We’re getting there finally, but sadly too many victim’s and families have suffered and paid the price along the way!


  3. Pretty devastating to hear this about someone I considered one of my heroes. I remember thinking Bo could teach Paterno about integrity wherever they are now. I guess I was wrong. I also knew Matt from WMU. We lived on the same dorm floor freshman year.

  4. Your expressions of disgust are truly shared. And sometimes they are hilarious, like a well placed touche. Don’t forget, those who have passed had a great sense of humor.

  5. So Jim Brandstatter, the voice of Michigan football, goes on WWJ airwaves to defend Bo’s reputation. He claims he doesn’t want to victim shame, then goes onto do exactly that. This victim is unreliable because he did drugs. This victim is unreliable because he was young and didn’t immediately tell his parents. Guess what ol’ Jimmy boy, I believe the victims accounts, over your ass kissing of Bo. Many victims resort to drugs and alchohol to forget the hellish nightmares, and many victims, especially young boys and men keep their secrets buried deep,because of their shame. His comments are exactly why they do.

    1. These fuckers just don’t get it. Shame on Brandstatter and every commentator and commenter who thinks they know how this all works. Fuck them. Seriously. That’s why big payments are necessary to shut this shit down. These types think victims are looking for a payday. Trust me, Jimbo, they would rather have never crossed paths with “Dr.” Anderson. And Bo fucked up. No denying it, no rationalizing it. This hero worship of coaches is total bullshit.

  6. This was on AM radio in Detroit today. Apparently, Coach Jimmy is rallying his base.

    1. The Joe Paterno fans’ playbook. It’s been done before. And look at what Anderson’s family said about him–“great family man.” They all are, right?

  7. The University of Michigan is holding a board meeting tomorrow. There is nothing on the agenda regarding Dr. Anderson. It’s all over AM 950 WWJ radio in Detroit.

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