What happens when law enforcers become enablers.

Today victims of Larry Nassar again had to again speak about their abuse at the hands of this former USA Gymnastics and MSU “Dr.” Larry Nassar, this time in front of the U.S. Senate. The testimony was heartbreaking and gut-wrenching and addressed the very real, coast-to-coast, systemic failures of the FBI in this case. These agents should be trained to listen to victims the first time and to do their goddamn jobs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdPa8gRvA0o.

“It should not be a survivor’s burden to continually seek justice and demand an end to their nightmares; that’s the job of our law enforcement agencies,” said Senator Diane Feinstein, D-Cal. You could have fooled me. As another senator noted, the failures of the FBI in this case–ignoring victims’ reports for some 18 months, resulting in continued assaults by Nassar–had real, human consequences, as did the subsequent cover ups and lies by the FBI about what survivors told them. By the Federal. Bureau. Of. Investigation.

The Department of Justice declined to appear to explain why none of the agents involved are facing criminal charges. These agencies not only fail to charge, but let their POS employees resign or retire with benefits instead of being terminated. Just like pigs from USA Gymnastics and MSU President (“I can’t make this about me/but I certainly will”) Lou Anna K. Simon. https://www.sbnation.com/2018/1/19/16900674/larry-nassar-abuse-timeline-usa-gymnastics-michigan-state. (In fact, for an insightful timeline/overview of people associated with MSU who should be ashamed of their handling of the Nassar allegations, see this link. Appalling.)

“On no planet is what happened in this case acceptable,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/gymnasts-nassar-fbi-investigation-hearing/2021/09/14/de4832cc-159f-11ec-9589-31ac3173c2e5_story.html?utm_campaign=ext_rweb&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=extension. Imagine the planet everyone was on when the FBI was getting information about Frank Shelden and the OCCK crimes back in the 1970s, and taking orders from a local hack like L. Brooks Patterson.

Here’s the good news. These brave women have continued to tell this story and seem capable of doing so until such time that the FBI gets it shit together and starts investigating sex crimes like professionals. It could be a while, but it looks like they are up to the task. Much more so than the agents who touched the Nassar case, that’s for damn sure.

In other news, former Speaker of the House and pedophile (you really can never use the word “former” there) Dennis Hastert has reached a tentative settlement with his accuser in the hush money payment case. https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2021/9/15/22676351/dennis-hastert-settles-accuser-lawsuit-over-hush-money-payments. Imagine what a slow news day it could have been if men would stop sexually abusing and raping minors.

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  1. We need to keep sharing our stories to whomever will listen. The Frank Sheldens Art Sloans, John Hastings and all the others must be held accountable for their actions. Even though many have died, keeping the stories of the horrors they inflicted on children must be shared. And those that enabled them through inaction are just as culpable. More so, because they are suppose to protect us, and seek justice for those that have been silenced.

    1. I’m not sure how you will hold Sheldon accountable? Considering he’s dead. Sloan is being held. Hastings on the other hand is living freely in a Atlanta Georgia suburb. Pretty nice for a man that’ failed a polygraph in 2009. Hes really being held accountable.

      1. If he doesn’t talk they should at least contact Duncan and get the real truth behind his conclusions from 2009. Leaving this in the air all of these years is beyond comprehension. Is MSP withholding valuable evidence to this case with what they redacted out of the polygraph results? Someone has the answers to this.

        1. Here’s what is obvious, I. The MSP won’t double back to see what Garry Gray and Dave Robertson did to deep-six the Hastings polygraph results from Georgia. Sean Street can’t give a straight answer about the status of any of the evidence testing in this case. What’s been tested? What’s been retested? Was the magic hair evidence ALL extinquished during testing? What about that Y-str DNA developed from Kristine’s autopsy kit? Why can none of the fingerprints taken in this case be located? They just don’t answer. Don’t respond. They wait for things to blow over and die down, as they always do. And the OCP and the Michigan AG won’t demand answers, won’t touch it. MICHIGAN IS DIRTY.

        2. “Judge’s death should not end investigation,” https://www.myeasternshoremd.com/qa/opinion/editorials/judges-death-should-not-end-investigation/article_15b6b255-b032-59a8-8750-9725c556ce2d.html. I love that they got a warrant and CT scanned his ass and found the SD card from his camera lodged in his small bowel. https://www.myeasternshoremd.com/dorchester_star/news/caroline-county-circuit-judge-newell-dead-after-apparent-suicide-faced-federal-complaint-for-alleged-child/article_26bcd5e0-9864-5c11-831c-bf4b3aecd3fb.html. Eating the evidence. Way to go, your honor. Of course he offed himself. The judges and prosecutors (he was a former prosecutor) always do. The investigation absolutely needs to continue. These animals never operate alone. He had connections. Raid them at 3 am before they have time to eat the barrel of one of their guns.

  2. I worked for five years at a well known psychiatric hospital in Michigan . It was very intense. We frequently had patients of all ages brought in by the police. Even when there was actual child abuse and/or neglect going on, not once did law enforcement file a report with CPS. In Michigan, the form is coded 3200 and has been around since about 1974. Many staff members assumed the cops did file and I had to teach them not to assume and to call CPS and cross check.

  3. really disappointed that Nessel hasnt done anything concerning this case. I had my hopes up that she would take the bull by the horns. Its mind blowing to me that the media NEVER has brought up John boy as a legitimate suspect. Hell they NEVER have brought him up period. a guy that looks identical to the composites at Hunter Maple, a guy that failed a polygraph and the polygrapher said theres no doubt he was involved. a man that two girl friends questioned that he possibly could have been the killer. lived within the proximity of all children. lived two streets over from a suspect and big time pedophile. a guy that has quite a few strange quirks involved in his life style. Bottom line is this guy is connected or he knows something or he is in fact the main perpetrator. Heather Catallo where are you

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