“Make no mistake. Your government has failed you.”

Fast forward from 1992 and the six month sentence a Mecosta County, MI judge imposed on a pedophile county commissioner to 2021 when a Fairfax, VA judge decried the lame plea agreement the county attorney had reached with a pedophile who victimized a young relative. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/judge-zaldivar-sentence-abuse/2021/09/20/85258424-1a40-11ec-8380-5fbadbc43ef8_story.html.

The judge called the plea deal that the office of Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano had reached with Oscar Zaldivar “woefully inadequate” because it capped the 53-year-old’s sentence at about 17 years. The judge explained that under Virginia law he could find no way to scuttle the plea deal.

The young girl’s parents waged an unusual legal battle to try to challenge the plea agreement. Try as he might, the judge could not find a way around a maximum sentence of 17 years, 2 months. The judge said the following at the sentencing hearing: ““I don’t know how people can listen to your pain and disregard it. I’m offended for you.”

The prosecutor who fucked this one up apparently took solace in the fact that the defendant would be over sixty when he gets out of prison. He doesn’t get it. These men NEVER age out of their sex abuse patterns with children. The defendant in the Mecosta County case was 72 by the time he was finally caught. https://catherinebroad.blog/2021/09/20/i-began-by-trying-to-report-it-to-the-michigan-state-police/. And as a reader pointed out, these evil fucks tend to live a long time. But they don’t change their stripes.

It’s not just investigators who need to be specially trained to investigate sex crimes. The prosecutors and judges need to get it, too. Just one part of this chain goes sideways and the result is a miscarriage of justice.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    not only do these sick freaks “NEVER age out of their sex abuse patterns with children”(RAPE of children)…but even if and when they can’t find a way to rape/abuse/assault these children themselves…They keep themselves involved in the process with the child sex rings(Ped Freak assoc)making and/or distributing child pornography, the taking(stealing, kidnapping)of children, hosting of the child rape “get togethers” etc. Sorry to say that there are too many of these sickos in the justice system,news broadcasting, political, law enforcement, government, child welfare involved in these sick behaviors themselves. You see a county/city/business that has great wealth with mostly people that have mediocre jobs and sources of and for the income? Makes you question where all that money is generated from doesn’t it? Also, there are the financially poor child rapist Scums that do favors for the “higher up” Freaks as a way to afford themselves a way into the child sex/rape Ped Freak industry(local or otherwise). We Need Investigators That Aren’t Afraid to Take these MF Freaks down and a Society that Won’t Stand For Judges and/or “Laws” that Protect These Freaks from being Held Accountable for their Atrocious Deeds!

  2. Interested says:

    While the judge made the comment, it is not clear he changed the perps sentence that the prosecution recommended.

  3. cathybroad says:

    On Friday, different Fairfax, VA judge (Judge Randy Bellows) rejected a three-year plea deal for a child rapist, saying it did not “remotely reflect the magnitude of the defendant’s misconduct.”
    https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/plea-deal-rape-prosecutor-fairfax/2021/09/24/0047dc62-1. Judge Bellows acknowledged there were flaws in the investigation, but that the proposed plea deal was not in the interest of justice. Thanks to a reader for the link.

  4. cathybroad says:

    Damn: https://ballotpedia.org/Steve_Descano_recall,_Fairfax_County,_Virginia_(2021). I don’t think complaints that victims and their parents are being dismissed, silenced, and denigrated by [prosecutor] Steve Descano constitute “fringe backlash.” Descano doesn’t get it. You can hold police accountable and “reform the criminal justice system” AND ensure child predators/rapists get the kind of sentences they deserve. Even if it means getting off your ass and being ready to go to trial rather than get cowed into some bogus plea agreement with a defendant who will most certainly reoffend. A parent guiding his or her child through the pathetic legal system isn’t right wing or left wing in their pursuit. Nice try. Do you think a jury would give a shit what party the parents of a victim belong to? You are a politician–lobby for more money to train your cops and your own staff to DO BETTER when it comes to investigations and prosecutions of pedophiles. Quit bitching and find solutions.

    When it comes to prosecutors, judges and sheriffs at the county level, pay close attention to who you vote for. If they fuck up repeatedly or badly enough, or don’t do what they said they would do, vote them out. Even county jobs should be performance based. Don’t reward entitled politicians who never allow or discourage debate. These types can do incredible damage.

  5. AG Mark Herring’s office, who endorses Steve Descano, did the same thing to a sex abuse victim in New Kent County earlier this year: https://www.wtvr.com/news/problem-solvers/problem-solvers-investigations/alleged-victim-asks-court-to-reject-plea-deal-for-psychotherapist-accused-of-sex-crimes

    • cathybroad says:

      Thanks, Brandon. Yes, the old “nolle pros” just like that monster Chris Busch got back in the day.
      not to wish to prosecute
      Nolle prosequi (abbreviated nol. pros.) is a Latin phrase, which directly translates to “not to wish to prosecute.” Nolle prosequi is a legal notice or entry of record that the prosecutor or plaintiff has decided to abandon the prosecution or lawsuit. The charges are being dropped and “can” be brought again at another time. Yeah, right. The prosecutor is fucking giving up, that’s what this means.

      That animal in New Kent County was undercharged to begin with. Strike one. Then they want to let him plead guilty to one of the counts of sexual penetration by force. Strike two. They say this one count carries a max sentence of life in prison. Will the judge sentence him to life? Doubtful. Strike three.

      All this discretion–in charging, in sentencing. I’m having a difficult time seeing where the victims enter the equation commensurate with their suffering. Nolle pros. Fuck you.

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