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  1. OK, so we have a 357 magnum toting school bus driver who makes noise while fishing and other mistakes ? You don’t “send someone out to look for wood chucks.” That will spook them. If Arch was a real outdoorsman he would know that. He would know where the wood chucks were . He used this as a ploy to be alone with the other boy.

  2. I confess to finding the hair/ fibers/ other “debris” analysis discussions hard to follow.
    Cathy, can you explain in simple terms for simple me, why you described Arch Sloan as an OCCK ‘diversion’? (No doubt, correctly) Please.

    1. It is very hard to follow.

      Simple terms? By design, nothing is simple in this investigation.

      I do not mean to imply that Sloan is in no way involved in this case (especially Mark’s case), that he never was seen with Chris Busch, that he may have been the “artist” who drew the pencil drawing of a screaming boy. By “diversion,” I mean pre-packaged and incomplete bullshit, first withheld by Oakland County (look at the dates of those documents) and then tossed by Jessica Cooper at a press conference in July 2012 in light of the following:

      1. Deborah Jarvis (Kristine’s mother) filed a civil suit in April 2012 naming the county, MSP, and various complicit individuals.
      2. A damning series (June 2012) by David Ashenfelter of The Detroit Free Press about this investigation, specifically focusing on Chris Busch and Greg Greene.
      3. On the eve of this prosecutor’s reelection campaign.

      So, it’s “anybody but Busch and Greene,” it’s “I am hard at work on this case” (hard at work shutting it all down) and by the way, “Arch, no need to cooperate anymore because I just told the world you have been ruled out as the source of the hair evidence.”

      Do you ever hear another word from this prosecutor or her stooge chief deputy about this lead or anything substantive in the case after July 2012? No, you do not. You hear these public servants shit talking the victims’ families and Debbie Jarvis’ attorney. They devote every energy to fucking with Barry King and Paul Hughes and continue to punish the families for asking questions and demanding answers.

      Simple terms? I use diversion because her Sloan info/press conference was a dog and pony show to fool the voters of Oakland County. And it worked.

  3. And, as you see in these documents there is a letter from Dave Robertson, MSP, to Sloan’s warden saying nobody interviews him and if someone tries to, tell me immediately. Did anyone ask Sloan about his association with Crosbie or Busch? About his association with former DPD Det. Richard Clayton, who knew Sloan and his criminal activities and hid the man on his property near ESS LAKE after a warrant was issued for Sloan? How about just asking Sloan about his contacts at Ess Lake? Oh yeah, I trust Dave Robertson to get all the information from and links with Sloan. Right.

  4. It appears Mr. Sloan’s bail was either $1,000 or $2, 500. That was a lot in 1970. Wonder who posted that ?

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