One thought on “Sloan 2.0”

  1. So John Cosbie, owner of a very suspicious 1966 Chevy Impala, offered to drive Mark Stebbins home from the American Legion Hall. And when (apparently Ruth) turned him down, he left the hall a short time later, and of course, at the same time Mark disappeared.

    So what’s the connection between this freak, and the freak William Peterson who lived on Saratoga in Ferndale (apparently right near the Stebbins’ house) and freak Arch Sloan?

    All three were rapists of little boys, and all three were likely suspects, but what is the connection between them?

    The Ferndale P.D. found all kinds of evidence that someone with reddish blond hair had been in Cosbie’s trunk, yet they couldn’t make an arrest?

    One last thing: in the fourth set of documents (“Orig-Report-Ext-Documents-Final-1”) on page 10 of 35 – a report dated 2-20-76 from Pontiac Parole Paul Larned to Lt. Sullivan is a curious “FBI #” followed by a long blank space, as if either it was whited out, or perhaps Larned intended to fill it in later . . .

    But Sloan was never convicted of a federal offense, only state crimes.

    So why did Larned apparently believe that Arch Sloan had a “FBI #”?

    Why did Larned write “FBI #” in his report to Lt. Sullivan about Arch Sloan?

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