What is it with some sheriffs?

I’m telling you, your vote for sheriff, prosecutor and judges at any level is critically important. These people can do a lot of good or a ton of damage. Check out this outrageousness:



This guy in the boy scout/Smokey the Bear uniform looks like he has some inside knowledge on “obstruction of justice.” Talk about abuse of power. Way to wield that pointer, pal.

2 thoughts on “What is it with some sheriffs?”

  1. So the inmate has been charged with resisting arrest, but the deputies actions are still being investigated. Law enforcement speak for, damn we got caught lying, now we have to pretend to do something. I think some law enforcement lose sight of the fact they work for the public.

  2. Speaking of sheriffs. The honorable Johannes Spreen who was once the sheriff of Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and seem to battle with the OCCK cover-up operations at that time. The old newspapers seem to give his take on things to some extent. He supposedly has books out that have chapters that cover the OCCK. I’ve never read them but wonder if any of your readers have and what inside dirt did he possibly have? Care to share some? Sounds like him and Brooks Patterson didn’t get along in addition to Robertson and the rest of them. Sounds like Mr. Spreen was the only one that made waves back at that time!

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