It took decades to catch up to this pedophile cop.

Allegations of child rape and assault first surfaced in the 1990s. Boston PD kept him on the force after an attorney threatened to file a grievance. He then went on to become a Boston police union chief until he retired in 2018. This week he was sentenced to 13 years for sex crimes against minors from age 7 to 16, over the course of 27 years.

I bet a couple of the 21 charges of child rape and assault this freak pleaded guilty to happened after this union attorney did the threat dance with the police commissioner, so some of those crimes are on those two cowards, too. YOU DON’T LOOK THE OTHER WAY OR REINSTATE WHEN THERE ARE CREDIBLE ALLEGATIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT BY ANYONE, ESPECIALLY A COP, ESPECIALLY AGAINST KIDS. Unbelievable.

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