Oakland County’s Claim to Fame.

An article appearing online today ranked the best true crime docuseries on Hulu. See #4:


Children of the Snow (2019) is still streaming on Hulu and can be purchased on Amazon Prime.

While these crimes led to the biggest manhunt in American history at the time and became the impetus for “stranger danger,” these legacies, along with diabolical deceit and gaslighting by those who kept a heavy hand on this investigation are all there is. No answers, no honesty. Nothing to see here, old news, move along.

Information has come to light since Children of the Snow first aired. None of it has gotten any traction. “It was taken care of” is about all anybody is going to get. Surely no one, except a very select few whose self-interest trumped that of the many damaged by these crimes, is satisfied with that pathetic answer.

Oakland County. Birthplace of “stranger danger” and home to the most heinous unsolved serial crime in the country. Watch the documentary if you haven’t. And then read Guarded by Jackals (2022), https://guardedbyjackals.com/.

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