WTF x 3

On Friday a jury found a Hollywood architect and film academy member guilty of three counts of child molestation.

POS played the “I’m just an innocent target because I’m wealthy” card.  No, bitch, in spite of your resources and the ability to hire an expensive criminal defense attorney, a jury still found you guilty of three counts of child molestation with one of the victims and you were immediately remanded to the Big House because you wealthy pedophiles escalate from “innocent target” to flight risk in a nanosecond. The man faces up to 12 years in prison. Let’s see what his hired gun can do with the “older defendant/otherwise model citizen” cards.

Here is a truly disturbing article about a 15-year-old girl who was abducted from a Dallas Mavericks game she attended with her father. She went to the restroom and did not return. She was found 10 days later at an Extended Stay America hotel some 200 miles away, where she was being held by human traffickers:  

The mug shots of the animals arrested in this crime do not indicate any ability to hire high-priced attorneys who can delay trial and keep them out of jail for 4-5 years. The longest possible sentences are called for in these cases, too. No mercy.

And finally, this ClickOn Detroit article asking for information in the 40-year-old missing persons case involving 17-year-old Kelly Brownlee, who went missing on May 20, 1982:

The disappearances of Kelly Brownlee, Kimberly King (age 12), and Kim Larrow (age 15) are all thought to be linked to convicted murderer and rapist Arthur Ream. Ream is serving a life sentence for the 1986 murder of 13-year-old Cindy Zarzycki.

Ream acknowledges that he raped a teenage hitchhiker in the 1970s, had sex with underage girls and buried 13-year-old Cindy Zarzycki in an unmarked grave, but he denies killing Zarzycki or anyone else, and he said in 2018 he deserves an apology from Warren police who have called him a suspected serial killer. According to the article from yesterday, Ream “enjoys watching police search for clues.”

Somebody knows something about what Arthur Ream did. Speak up or you are just about as evil as this freak is.

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