3 thoughts on “Ramiro Villegas Raped and Murdered Angelica Ramirez in Visalia in 1994, Tulare Cops Say”

  1. WoW ….I wonder if this obscure case could DNA tested .What are the chances of a case that has had 3 books a 2 decade long blog , and numerous podcasts, not to mention TV appearances by parents of the victims ,could get some DNA testing?

    1. Again, another case where the police actually kept fighting for the victim and wanted to seriously try to solve the crime. Also probably not a case like this one, where the average person can’t handle the thought that prosecutors and police can actually be self-serving and dirty.

      1. I have been reading alot about Coleman Young and reevaluating alot of things about what he has said in the past. When he was quoted ( hustlers dope fiens etc ,hit the road past 8mile. I see know that he meant for rich white people comming to the city for vice. Because nobody in Detroit is stupid enough to sell something there is no buyer for. Coleman Young knew the score.

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