Early Results on DNA Evidence From Decades-Old Rape Cases Are Both Promising and Alarming — ProPublica

Baltimore County police have started testing a backlog of evidence from rape cold cases. Ten of 49 cases processed so far have yielded actionable DNA profiles. In at least one case, the answers came too late.
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Congratulations to Detroit Radio Legend Dick Haefner

Who was inducted into the Michigan Association Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

As concerns the OCCK case, the final paragraph says it well:

“Haefner broke one of the most tragic and long-running mysteries in local history.  He first reported the existence of “The Oakland County Child Killer” the day after Christmas 1976, following the murder of a Royal Oak girl. Haefner said: ‘I could never have imagined we would be doing stories about this 44 years later. The stories haven’t changed that much, except for the duration of time.'”


Talk (and actually listen) to retired journalist and author Marney Keenan, talk to me and read Guarded by Jackals (https://guardedbyjackals.com/) and you’ll understand why we are still talking about this case.

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