In lieu of testifying under oath . . . fucking up in an interview.

This transcript was provided by then Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper in response to a FOIA request by The Detroit Free Press in 2012. I posted it in the spring of 2020, along with hundreds of other pages from the OCP, but recently ran across it again while searching for something else. I have heavily annotated it because it was just that frustrating to reread this garbage. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen/don’t read. Those of you who know this case will recognize the genesis of this work of art.

And, if you do decide to read it, tell me that anyone in their right mind would take a polygraph in Michigan unless it was required for an amazing and very high-paying job. See also

Kenneth Downing Sentenced to Life in Prison in 19-Year-Old Serial Rape Case – Dailyfly

COLFAX – Dan LeBeau, Chief Deputy Prosecutor with the Whitman County Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday that Kenneth Downing was sentenced to life in prison, and is not eligible for parole for almost 24 years. Downing was convicted of four counts of rape first degree and one count of assault second degree with sexual motivation in
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