Le Monstre

Take a listen to a new podcast about a kidnapper/serial killer who terrorized the country of Belgium. The first 3 of 10 episodes are online:

“In the 1980’s and 90’s a kidnapper and serial killer terrorized the country of Belgium. His unspeakable crimes had the nation on edge as he preyed on its most vulnerable. After law enforcement proved unable or unwilling to stop him, 400,000 Belgian citizens took to the streets to protest what they believed was a high ranking cover up and government conspiracy. Many of the criminals involved in these horrific acts, known and unknown, have never been brought to justice, and walk freely today. Host Matt Graves takes you on this investigative journey through one of Belgium’s darkest chapters, to unravel the mystery around a man who simply became known as Le Monstre.”

Sound familiar? Except of course for the 400,000 Belgian citizens who took to the streets in protest and to demand massive reform. That would never happen in Oakland County, Michigan, on any level. Ask no questions, keep your head down, make no waves. Reporters, too.

Podcast host and writer Matt Graves hopes that his podcast (and a French version he hopes to release) will help push towards resolution of some unanswered questions in this horrific case.


The hope is to bring an end to one of the darkest chapters in Belgium’s history. So far, nothing but nothing can scratch the dark surface of the OCCK case. Authorities in that case have perfected the bob and weave. Shame on you and your constituents. Still-living participants in these crimes and in the investigative cover-up will probably never answer for their actions. The lack of accountability is a terrible reflection on your communities.

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