6 thoughts on “He was going to ask for her i.d.”

  1. I’m speechless after reading this and watching the “idiot”. A frickin cop yet! Are these men so stupid whether they’re cops or executives go online looking for kids? It amazes me! Kudos to Schmutte. Putting videos online of these scumbags is perfect- then let law enforcement handle it if they will- They should. I would definitely worry about any joe citizen trying to be a hero with this type of stuff. Sounds like the cops are aware of how Schmutte works. Hope he stays safe.

    1. Me, too. Clark had a loaded glock in his ride when he went to meet his “girl.” News flash, freaks: If you look like you do in your selfies, you should assume the “young” person engaging with you online is someone trying to bust you. Every. Time.

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