Nobel Peace Prize winner Belo an alleged pedophile – Asia Times

JAKARTA – A political bombshell could be about to explode over the deeply-Catholic state of Timor Leste following revelations that the Vatican covered up
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Why do I continue to post links about sex criminals, specifically pedophiles? To make it abundantly clear how prevalent these crimes are, were, and always have been; to hammer home that these men do not stop, do not age out; and are Nobel prize winners, priests, pediatricians, coaches, teachers, cops, assistant AGs, patrons of the arts, state senators, federal representatives, and suits from various boardrooms. They aren’t just obvious disgusting human beings like Arch Sloan, Ted Lamborgine, Richard Lawson or Greg Greene. There are many others from Oakland County alone who also should have been tried, convicted and imprisoned for their crimes against children.

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