Strengthen Science; Advance Justice

“There has never been a better time to address cold cases. With the advantages of research, technology and time, agencies can greatly benefit from addressing the cold case crisis in the United States and, as a consequence, serial killings can be identified, solved, and prevented.”

In addressing the costs and benefits of clearing cold cases, the National Institute of Justice Journal states: “Secondly, and no less important, is the sense of justice that survivors feel when those who committed the crime are apprehended. Survivors often feel that law enforcement has given up on them and that the lives of their loved ones are no longer a priority. Law enforcement has a moral obligation to fulfill its mission; because cold cases capture public interest, resolving them inspires public confidence in law enforcement.”

MSP: Fulfill your moral obligation to the kids who can no longer speak for themselves in the OCCK case; the kids who were betrayed by prosecutors in this case; and do whatever you have to do to solve this case using the most sophisticated DNA testing and genetic genealogy techniques or report to the public that you have reached the end of the road. The only, and very few, words spoken over the course of 45 years by this agency are some version of: We believe the suspect is either institutionalized or dead. Can’t say why, just the gut instinct of cops whose only distinction was to get absolutely nothing right in this case.

Public confidence? You did get your constituents to look away, I’ll give you that.

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