Seriously, Susquehanna Valley “Center for Public Policy”?

Another attempt to block a statute of limitations revival window in child sexual abuse cases, this time by a school district (usually it’s the Catholic Church and I’m sure they are lurking in the background here somewhere):

I for one am sick of public schools, the Boy Scouts and various churches crying about having to get their shit together and do their jobs. Immunity, bankruptcy, the Catholic and other churches’ strong-arm lobbyists, law firms who get paid top dollar to screw over victims–the deck is already stacked in your favor. Time to level the playing field if you want to continue to play games. Part of your goddamn job is to protect the minors who have the misfortune of being in your system. This is disgusting.

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  1. Hey Cathy, I’m having a hard time reaching you. My mother Laura died of a stroke about two weeks ago. She had a wonderful funeral and is now watching over Tim and your father and everyone else. We knew the Robinsons. Tom was Laura’s boss at OCC. I met Jill about a week before she vanished. Laura was 95. She may not have always known you I was. However, she never forgot your brother or this case.

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