A lawyer is using her TikTok to expose pedophiles arrested in the US each week

I think this is pretty goddamn great.

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A lawyer is using her TikTok to expose the pedophiles arrested in US each week and, surprise surprise, despite what some right-wing pundits and politicians would have you believe, none of them are drag queens. For the past few weeks, attorney Kristen Prata Browde, of Browde Law, has been using her social media account to outline the weekly list of people arrested in the US on charges of child sexual abuse. The series of videos are an effort by the #NewYork lawyer, who is outspoken in her support of LGBTQ+ people, to prove that #dragqueens are not a threat to children. So far, her videos have summarised charges against 30 religious figures, one school official and three politicians. But not a single drag queen. Her most recent clip was posted on Monday (13 March) and outlines nine youth pastors, one #CatholicChurch official and one school librarian. Speaking to PinkNews, she explained that the idea came to her after a speech by the former president of the #Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus Stephen Gaskill. “He started reading names of priests and pastors who had been arrested” and “have me the source of his data and I started going through that data, and I thought, ‘Let’s just look at the last week.’” What she found was that, across the week starting on the 21 February, there had been 17 total arrests that had made the news – none of which were drag queens. “There are lots of cases that fly below the radar, but you can bet that if a trans person or drag queen – or a #policeman or #pastor – is involved, that’s an elevated thing. She also mentions the legal battle against Republican Idaho lawmaker, AaronvonEhlinger, who was found guilty of raping a former intern. The anonymous intern was 19 when she reported that the former House representative raped her in his apartment in 2021. After once again proving that no drag queens have been responsible for child sexual abuse charges over the past week, Browde emphasised that it had been almost a month of making videos and no drag queens have harmed children, despite accusations by #rightwing pundits. #uspolitics #queernews #trans #csasurvivor #gayrights #dragqueenstoryhour

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