How many people knew or should have known something was not right with Patterson’s handling of the OCCK investigation?

Retired Oakland County Circuit Court Chief Judge Edward Sosnick died about 10 days ago. He apparently had a very distinguished career. Prior to joining the bench he was with the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office, where he rose to the rank of senior trial attorney.

Ed Sosnick made arrangements for the autopsy of Kristine Mihelich on January 22, 1977.

Sosnick was in fact present at the autopsy of Kristine Mihelich, along with about 14 other “viewers.” I have been searching for the document which lists all those present at this autopsy without success, but when I find it I will edit this post to add it.

Ed Sosnick was trusted by L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson to arrange for and attend Kristine’s autopsy. Just like Richard Thompson trusted investigator Gary Hawkins to join him in Flint for a little face-time with Greg Greene and Chris Busch at the end of January 1977. And like L. Brooks Patterson trusted investigator Ralph Guerrini to sign out the Chris Busch CSC file on March 28, 1977, so LBP could take a gander at it and his name didn’t have to show up on that sign out sheet as Richard Thompson’s did hours after my brother was abducted.

There were some very interesting things about Kristine’s autopsy. Things Ed Sosnick, if he were the intelligent and good person it sounds like he was, might have opined on when this case started imploding after 2006. But apparently nobody asked him and he didn’t offer anything up. Jessica Cooper didn’t want to hear it, but Karen McDonald might have.

Here are some additional documents concerning Kristine’s autopsy:

It was L. Brooks Patterson who called in a fingerprint expert from Toronto to lift prints from Kristine’s body. On March 5, 1977, Patterson explained to the press that a third expert opinion had been sought to “resolve conflicting findings” on whether Kristine had been sexually assaulted. Detroit News, March 5, 1977, 5-A.

Oakland County Prosecutor L. Brooks Patterson, who is coordinating the ongoing murder investigation, said yesterday the tests were ordered after two local investigators reached conflicting conclusions last month. The tests are being done by a laboratory in Baltimore.


No where in any of the documents provided by the OCP office or in the MSP FOIA response is there any mention of lab results from Baltimore. And after that nasty business in Flint, culminating with Greg Greene being polygraphed yet again on February 3, 1977 and sent directly to jail while fellow pedophile Chris Busch walked his dirty, criminal ass out on bond, and this little publicity problem for the promised land north of 8 mile:

and then the murder of my brother, Patterson was all-too-happy to cease his “coordination” role in the investigation and shove the whole goddamn mess on Robert Robertson at the MSP.

Decades later, a partial Y-str DNA sample would be developed by the MSP lab from a vaginal swab from Kristine’s autopsy. The significance of the presence of this DNA sample, while apparently unsuitable for genetic genealogy purposes, cannot be disputed.

I thought maybe someone like Ed Sosnick could have provided some insight into this clusterfuck of an autopsy, even though all the oldsters who participated in the OCCK investigation seem to suffer from memory issues after the passage of so much time. But he can’t now.

Patterson wins again.

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