“Everyone knew what Jerremy was doing with those little boys.”

THEY KNEW WHAT “COACH J” (Jerremy Thompkins) WAS DOING FOR 20 YEARS. His first name has been spelled in the media as both Jeremy and Jerremy.


Three other coaches at Farmington High School, including Derrick McDowell, the high school’s varsity head basketball coach — were fired for not reporting the alleged misconduct. They said nothing. WTH is wrong with you cowards? Survivors came forward; you stayed silent. Unbelievable.

The FOX2 coverage also discusses Coach Mark White, 58, who was suspended from his position as assistant athletic director at Summit Academy North High School in Huron Township after allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old student. Evidence surfaced in an unrelated legal case regarding sexual relationships between White and girls at River Rouge High School, where he had previously coached. 

When men like this get away with sex crimes against students, they become emboldened and due to their access to hundreds of students over the years, escalate their behavior. They need to be prosecuted criminally and sued civilly, along with their employers. It seems this is the only language these criminals and cowards understand.

3 thoughts on ““Everyone knew what Jerremy was doing with those little boys.””

  1. They also likely had access to siblings and boys on other teams. Bad Michigan water. What a horrible situation.

    1. I’d say most of us who went to school in the 70s crossed paths with at least one gym teacher or coach everybody knew was pulling some kind of shit. But the party’s over in 2023. A reader just sent me a link to a case where the defendant got 30 years for possessing and distributing child porn. Now it wasn’t Michigan, but this guy was a former Maryland mayor. https://www.cbsnews.com/baltimore/news/former-maryland-mayor-patrick-wojahn-to-be-sentenced-in-child-pornography-case/. He got the sentence he earned and these pathetic coach/criminals should, too.

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