“The toothpaste is coming out of the tube now.”

A reader sent me links to two YouTube episodes of the Shawn Ryan Show Podcast that are worth watching. In Part I, Ryan interviews author Nick Bryant who wrote The Franklin Scandal, A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal (Trine Day LLC, 2009). They discuss the similarities between the Franklin Scandal and the Jeffrey Epstein criminal enterprise.

The reader pointed out that this discussion “is so reminiscent of the same hurdles preventing you justice, tied to powerful political corruption. So entrenched, the roots are deep and twisted; almost strangles anyone trying to expose it, and keeps the people involved harnessed together for life.”

So many important points are discussed. The Franklin Scandal was covered up by state and federal agencies. I believe the same is true in the OCCK case. I haven’t figured out how the FBI is dirty in the early OCCK investigation, but I believe they were. I believe their actions to this very day support this position.

They discuss that use of the grand jury is notorious for covering things up; all it takes is a corrupt prosecutor. Jessica Cooper, that’s you. Your constituents fell for it and returned you to office to do more damage to this and other cases.

Importantly, in Part II Nick Bryant points to the need for a truth and reconciliation commission to get to the bottom of and tell the American public why these perpetrators in the Epstein ring were protected and how that happened so it never happens again. Bryant points out the sadly obvious: Our government should not cover up child abuse and/or child trafficking and this should be a line in the sand. Bryant describes this as a pathological problem in our government. The almost 50-year-old OCCK case is actually Exhibit A.

The OCCK investigation and the failure to investigate or prosecute any of the men involved in the child sex ring in Oakland County similarly demands a truth and reconciliation commission. I do not understand how the cold case homicides of four children can be offloaded to a state agency that answers to literally no one, let alone for their failures, including the failure to investigate the obvious corruption in Flint, Michigan in late January 1977 that fucked this case up then and now. They get to pack the case away again and that’s that. How does this happen?!

Trine Day LLC published Nick Bryant’s book about the Franklin Scandal. This publisher has also published books by Whitney Webb (One Nation Under Blackmail, Vol. 1 and 2, The sordid union between Intelligence and Organized Crime that gave rise to Jeffrey Epstein (Trine Day LLC, 2022)). These authors and this publisher have stood up to some very dark forces. I suspect this publisher would stand up to Richard Thompson’s “aggressive” catholic army of cyber and street bullies, as well as any of the crusty, old school pigs who are Brooks Patterson acolytes used to not playing by any rules.

Speaking of cyber bullies, you people who dog well-meaning people who post on my blog or line up as Facebook “friends,” really suck. Get some help. Do yourself a favor and just make a Google alert for the names you are worried about seeing in print in relation to this case rather than read my blog. And, if you sign up for email notifications on my blog and use your first initial, last name @gmail/yahoo/whatever, guess what? I know you’re there.

Finally, I can tell when there is someone new to the case or doing a deep dive because the stats page shows me what you’re reading. Sorry, even a Boomer like me can figure out the WordPress stats page. I try to acknowledge sources and you should do the same. We’ve been looking at this clusterfuck since 2005. Those who followed the John Hastings information online have been at it even longer than that. Over the next few weeks I’m going to post some older stuff that still rings true and that has NOT YET been addressed or answered.

It all supports this conclusion: The way this case was investigated dehumanized and minimized the victims in this case, Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich and Tim King. Why were these perpetrators protected; what happened; why won’t you send the evidence to a third-party lab and digitize the case files, and how will you prevent anything like this from ever happening again?

The OCP and the MSP fucked up the ability to prosecute this case. Your successors are thus tasked with giving the answers you thought you hid forever. You facilitated and protected child-raping murder(s). Answers are long overdue. This is your legacy.

5 thoughts on ““The toothpaste is coming out of the tube now.””

  1. When I reached out to the SE Michigan FBI about CS trafficking crimes in the 1970s, I got the runaround.

    1. I’m sure you did. In December 2021 the FBI agreed to speak with me and my two brothers. No one had read the material I prepared, which was not directed toward asking for an “update” on the case, but rather toward public corruption in this case. You know, the FBI’s “solemn responsibility to investigate allegations of public corruption.” Not one person from their public corruption unit was present. In fact, as the conference call began I had to stop them and ask the participants to identify themselves. At the end of the call, I was advised to prepare additional information to send to the OAKLAND COUNTY OFFICE. Are you fucking kidding me? I do your job, put the shit together and then send it to the incestuous Oakland County office? Like Nick Bryant says in these YouTube videos, nobody knows anymore what the FBI does.

  2. For what it is worth , I knew a 911 dispatcher. She told me that if other departments needs help, the OC Sheriff’s Department will gladly help. However, if OC gets into trouble, they will not call for back up and cover everything up.

  3. Hi Cathy,
    I just want 2 thank u 4 all your information & everything u post & thank u 4 bringing the Ghost Train documentary 2 my attention… wow corruption is everywhere it seems! It truly is so sad.
    Thank u again!

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