Cleaning up after Chris Busch.


This teenager and his younger brother turned down the dough. Do you think everyone Elsie and H. Lee approached with a possible similar deal did, too?

The People of the State of Michigan v. Christopher Brian Busch 3310 Morningview Terrace Birmingham, MI, OCP Order No. 77-19095, District Court Case No. 77-0084

This is the copy of the file I found in the case Oakland County was basically forced to file against Chris Busch in the wake of the interviews of Greg Greene and Busch in Flint the last week of January 1977. The origin of the document is unknown; it was not provided in the FOIA documents Jessica Cooper provided first to reporter Kevin Dietz, then to the Detroit Free Press, and then ultimately (after clearly waiving their bullshit exemptions by providing to the media), to my Dad. This is a copy of the case brought against Busch on behalf of victim Ken Bowman.

I say “forced to file” because there was no way around it. Greene had been arrested in Flint on January 25, 1977, for criminal sexual contact with a number of boys from the baseball team this monster coached. He tossed Busch’s name as a suspect in the murder of Mark Stebbins. Greene went on to say some disturbing and incriminating things, including the fact that he and Busch had victimized Bowman in Oakland County and that Bowman was aware that Busch “had killed a boy.” So the police then interviewed young Ken Bowman. This resulted in the arrest of Chris Busch in Alma, Michigan.

Interviews with Busch resulted in charges being brought against him in Flint, Midland and Montmorency Counties, involving victims Bowman and Vince Gunnels. The gravy train started up for attorney Jane Burgess. Oakland County was the last county to file against Busch. No one in Oakland County even investigated Busch’s claims that he also found victims through his participation in the Big Brother program. Nope. It was just this case and we all know that in spite of charges being brought in four different counties, this freak got probation every single time.

This file is not a part of the FOIA documents I have previously posted. But here it is now. And of course the OCP didn’t willingly hand this over to us. I also discovered all of the pleadings filed in the case against Jessica Cooper after she denied my Dad’s FOIA request and the courts backed her:

All of that time and money, and Cooper subsequently provides a couple hundred documents to the media as a “fuck you” to our family. And then offloads the rest of the real file in the OCCK to Sheriff Mike Bouchard to evade FOIA requirements going forward. Oakland County is, was, and may always be, the dirtiest county in Michigan. They just continue to ignore and slow walk so that soon everyone who touched the Busch files is dead.

More from the FOIA documents on Chris Busch

Here is another set of documents concerning Chris Busch, submitted by the Michigan State Police in response to a FOIA request. These are documents concerned with charges of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct against Christopher Busch, filed in Montmorency, MI. The warrant for his arrest is dated January 30, 1976 (before Mark Stebbins was abducted). You will recall that Busch always was sprung from the clink by his father, Daddy Warbucks, despite the fact that first degree CSC carries a penalty of life imprisonment. In late January 1977 Busch got sprung from jail in Flint on other CSC offenses for $1,000. My brother was kidnapped on March 16, 1977 and his body found on March 22, 1977.

Sorry about the quality of the copies–the set I have is borderline illegible in places. The two “blank” pages were completely redacted/withheld by the MSP, for reasons they did not give. That level of FOIA compliance was apparently not included in their low, low price of $11,000-plus. Check out not only the substance of these documents, but also the dates.


It’s no surprise that Busch met with an untimely end. If you’ve read my entire blog, you have seen the photos from the Busch “suicide” scene. Here are photos bearing annotations by someone who was in law enforcement and clearly has more common sense than anyone on the Bloomfield Township PD or the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s office.


So, how to make sense of Busch and Green and all of the many pedophiles operating in and around Oakland County during the time Mark, Jill, Kristine and Tim were abducted and murdered? And why is it that no one in law enforcement has ever made sense of all of this? And who made sure back in the day that there would always be more questions than answers?

“Busch was a fun guy to be around and wasn’t violent.”

In the words of a contemporary of the ubiquitous Vince Gunnels back in the day. This doesn’t sound like fun to me:


Turns out there was a lot to clean up when it came to Chris Busch.

Two years probation and $800 court costs. That cleaned it up for him.

BLK BINDER 01_blk 00355-380

A Probable Cause Case Against Christopher Brian Busch and His Accomplices.

A family friend read the documents provided by the Michigan State Police in response to my Dad’s FOIA request. He is retired from law enforcement. After reading the documents, he compiled this document in the format of a probable cause case against Busch, Green and Gunnels, in which he carefully outlined the evidence and cross-referenced it to the FOIA documents. We used it to compile questions for the task force. There is no date on the document–I could go back into my emails to figure it out, but it must have predated the magic Sloan vehicle hair-disinformation/reelection campaign press conference in 2012. After that, all bets were on someone affiliated with Sloan and his Bonneville. That is, until it comes time to admit they won’t do further DNA testing on the relevant hairs. But that bought them a few more years of spin.

The document does not evaluate, nor does it preclude, other scenarios such as a “group killing” (multiple pedophiles and child traffickers involved in each abduction/captivity/rape/murder), a cop being involved, a pornography ring. If you want to find a way to put all the players on the chessboard in addition to Busch, Green and Gunnels (Lamborgine, Sloan, John H., a cop, child pornographers and pedophiles as yet unnamed), it is easy enough to do. There just isn’t the kind of proof that is set forth here implicating Busch and Green in the FOIA documents. Remember that NONE of this was looked at back in the day. Green ratted out Busch for the murder of Mark Stebbins in January 1977. Both were polygraphed by Ralph Cabot at the MSP Post in Flint and CLEARED on the basis of the polygraph, one month before my brother was abducted and murdered. Done deal. All this shit came to light after November 2007.

I think you will find the document very illuminating. Maybe some of you, like the cops, think this is all a big coincidence. See what you think.


Dates of releases of two composites.

Thank you to a reader.

March 19, 1977:

March 26, 1977:

And as for the question “Who shelters killer of 4 kids?,” might I suggest the names H. Lee Busch, Elsie Busch and L. Brooks Patterson, for starters?

Richard Thompson double-checking on March 17, 1977

Look who checked out the Oakland County CSC with a minor case file on Chris Busch on March 17, 1977, less than 24 hours after my brother Tim “went missing”–friend of families of murdered children and chief deputy to L. Brooks Patterson, “no deals” Richard Thompson.

This case was filed against Chris Busch by Oakland County on behalf of victim Ken Bowman on or about February 25, 1977. This crime was revealed during questioning of Busch and Greg Greene in Flint the last week of January 1977.

Maybe Thompson had to make sure nothing in that file was going to blow up on him and Brooksie after Busch walked out of the Flint lock up for the low, low price of $1,000 a few weeks before my brother was abducted on March 16, 1977.

That’s what my brother’s life was worth to these men. $1,000. On March 17 maybe Thompson just wanted some light reading material. Or maybe he and his boss were sweating after another kid was abducted after Busch’s get-out-of-jail-almost-free card. Not to worry, Dick. Nobody gave enough of a shit to check on your boy Busch while Tim was held captive for six days.


L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County prosecutor overseeing the OCCK era and then county executive for the rest of his life, told the community he never heard the name “Chris Busch” until 2008*. I am well-versed in the need for amnesia in this case and of the argument that a man this incredibly busy could never be expected to remember the following, from March 1, 1977:

A few points about this article from the Detroit Free Press:

  1. It is dated March 1, 1977. Fifteen days later, my brother Tim will be abducted from the Hunter-Maple Pharmacy parking lot in Birmingham.
  2. Busch is described as a “Birmingham man.” A number of readers have pointed out that back in 1977, Bloomfield Village had a Birmingham mailing address. Indeed, the court documents list Busch as living at 3310 Morningview Terrace, Birmingham, Michigan. Bloomfield Village is not Birmingham, as any resident of the Village would be swift to point out. But Google Morningview Terrace and 1509 Yorkshire in Birmingham, our family home, to see just how close they are.
  3. “According to Prosecutor L. Brooks Patterson,” who somehow got tripped up enough to comment about Busch after February 1, 1977, he goes on to describe what his chief deputy Richard Thompson learned first hand in Flint in late January 1977–the details concerning the sexual assault by wealthy constituent H. Lee Busch’s son upon young boy in Oakland County.
  4. “Busch’s arrest resulted from a [sic] Oakland County investigation into the kidnap-slaying of six county youngsters in the past 13 months.” Yes, there were more than a handful of dead kids and teens in Oakland County during this era, and this was before Tim was murdered. If you have read the tortured/amended/redacted versions of the tips and investigation into Greg Greene and Chris Busch, you would quickly realize that Oakland County didn’t do shit to investigate Greg Greene and Chris Busch for these crimes, and certainly not after Busch walked free.
  5. “Busch has been cleared in all six of the slayings.” How the hell did that happen? Oh, right, the polygraph shuffle that was used to circumvent legit investigation. But remember, Busch was only polygraphed in the killing of Mark Stebbins (no questions about the abduction, any contact whatsoever, any sexual contact). That was an outrageous and untrue statement.
  6. Typical of the reporting for that era (and of reporting under the thumb of LBP), there is no expounding on the “sex charges” in Genesee County. “One of three men”–we certainly were not going to be reminded of Busch’s pal Greg Greene, whose monstrous proclivities based on convictions in California, certainly looked similar to Mark Stebbin’s case. And then more mishmash–“Busch has been charged by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office on two counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct in the earlier cases.”

If you think LBP (or Richard Thompson or Larry Wasser) ever forgot the name BUSCH in the decades Patterson was the gate-keeper of all things Oakland County, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

Relevant handwRiting

Thanks to a reader for seeing something I never saw in spite of many readings and recitations concerning the documentation (such as it is) of the arrest of Greg Greene on January 25, 1977 and the arrest of Chris Busch on January 28, 1977.

Here is the Genesee County Jail Inmate Record for Chris Busch after his arrest on January 28 for criminal sexual conduct of a minor in Flint:

When Busch is finally charged for violating the same victim in Oakland County (offense on or about May 29, 1976) on February 25, 1977, Richard Thompson, writes the following on the criminal complaint:

This was pretty hard to miss, but I did:

I’m not a handwriting expert, but I don’t think that is necessary in this case. Recall that OCP chief deputy Dick Thompson and OCP investigator Gary Hawkins were present for an interrogation of Greg Greene on January 26, the day Greene was polygraphed for the first two times. Thompson was back in Flint after Busch was arrested, having driven to Flint in a blinding snow storm on January 28, 1977 (50 mph winds, blowing snow and a 17-car pile up on I-75), before Busch took the polygraph on the Stebbins murder at 8 pm that evening.

Flint PD Det./Sgt. Tom Waldron explains the participation of the Oakland County task force in the interrogation of Greene, and the arrest and interrogation of Busch, and by extension (presumably) the participation of Richard Thompson in the entire deal:

On January 27, 1977, the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office issued a warrant against Christopher Busch . . . on the basis of information received on Flint Police Department Complaint #2197 made by one [redacted victim’s name]. Due to the fact that the suspect in this matter, Christopher Busch, had numerous contacts and had lived in the Birmingham-Detroit area, the Oakland County Task Force that was involved in the investigation of the kidnap and murder of 5 juveniles, became involved in this matter.

Special Report regarding arrest of Christopher Brian Busch, by Tom Waldron, dated January 31, 1977

I’d say that was a pretty sanitized version of how the name Chris Busch got tossed by Greene on January 25, 1977, as the killer of Mark Stebbins. But I digress.

At a minimum, the document showing the bail reduction is relevant because it shows that Thompson, and therefore his boss Patterson, were aware that Busch, an admitted serial rapist of boys and owner of reels of child pornography and ropes, was free to be on the prowl in their jurisdiction and they did nothing about it before or after my brother was abducted less than seven weeks later, less than three miles from the Busch home in Bloomfield Village.

“Rel” clearly means “released. The fact that an Oakland County prosecuting attorney wrote this on a Genesee County inmate card is not only remarkable, it means somebody in Robert F. Leonard’s office must have been aware of such an anomaly as well. Maybe it was just the chief deputy from another county helping out with paperwork–that must be it.

You might not take this as far as I do–as further evidence that there was never any line–legal, ethical or moral–that the alleged anti-smut, “no deals” duo of L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson would not cross. In the Snow Killings, author Marney Keenan describes a discussion with Jessica Cooper’s bag man, Paul Walton, who explains that he diligently drove to Ann Arbor to ask Richard Thompson why he would write “no deals,” and then have Busch walk with two year’s probation. (Snow Killings, pages 212-213). Sadly, Thompson would have no recollection. “There is no rhyme. There is no reason.”

Oh, I think there is both Rhyme and Reason. But you and I know no agency in Michigan will ever call for the accountability that would be required to keep something like this from ever happening again.

Court records from Oakland County criminal case 77-32312 against Busch indicate the case was handled by OCAP Leonard Gilman. Gilman became US attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan in 1981 and died in 1985 at the age of 43.

Despite Patterson’s theatrical announcement in December 1976 that he would “no longer allow those charged with breaking and entering and those charged with using guns to commit crimes to plead guilty to a lesser offense,” having previously precluded any plea agreements in narcotics offenses, armed robberies and concealed weapons cases, apparently a plea bargain in the case of a confessed child rapist was A-ok. “Plea bargaining denies a victim his day in court, demoralizes the law enforcement community and unnecessarily rewards the defendant,” said Mr. Law and Order.

The Oakland County court file on Busch’s CSC case contains a final note on June 1, 1977: “Spoke with Sgt. Dyer & he agrees with plea and will explain it to victim.”

Explain to the 14-year-old victim that got drug into Flint PD after Greg Greene tossed his name and police and then Busch’s counsel Jane Burgess put him through the wringer, that the legal system would again be unnecessarily rewarding this defendant. Again.