The People of the State of Michigan v. Christopher Brian Busch 3310 Morningview Terrace Birmingham, MI, OCP Order No. 77-19095, District Court Case No. 77-0084

This is the copy of the file I found in the case Oakland County was basically forced to file against Chris Busch in the wake of the interviews of Greg Greene and Busch in Flint the last week of January 1977. The origin of the document is unknown; it was not provided in the FOIA documents Jessica Cooper provided first to reporter Kevin Dietz, then to the Detroit Free Press, and then ultimately (after clearly waiving their bullshit exemptions by providing to the media), to my Dad. This is a copy of the case brought against Busch on behalf of victim Ken Bowman.

I say “forced to file” because there was no way around it. Greene had been arrested in Flint on January 25, 1977, for criminal sexual contact with a number of boys from the baseball team this monster coached. He tossed Busch’s name as a suspect in the murder of Mark Stebbins. Greene went on to say some disturbing and incriminating things, including the fact that he and Busch had victimized Bowman in Oakland County and that Bowman was aware that Busch “had killed a boy.” So the police then interviewed young Ken Bowman. This resulted in the arrest of Chris Busch in Alma, Michigan.

Interviews with Busch resulted in charges being brought against him in Flint, Midland and Montmorency Counties, involving victims Bowman and Vince Gunnels. The gravy train started up for attorney Jane Burgess. Oakland County was the last county to file against Busch. No one in Oakland County even investigated Busch’s claims that he also found victims through his participation in the Big Brother program. Nope. It was just this case and we all know that in spite of charges being brought in four different counties, this freak got probation every single time.

This file is not a part of the FOIA documents I have previously posted. But here it is now. And of course the OCP didn’t willingly hand this over to us. I also discovered all of the pleadings filed in the case against Jessica Cooper after she denied my Dad’s FOIA request and the courts backed her:

All of that time and money, and Cooper subsequently provides a couple hundred documents to the media as a “fuck you” to our family. And then offloads the rest of the real file in the OCCK to Sheriff Mike Bouchard to evade FOIA requirements going forward. Oakland County is, was, and may always be, the dirtiest county in Michigan. They just continue to ignore and slow walk so that soon everyone who touched the Busch files is dead.

Cleaning up after Chris Busch.


This teenager and his younger brother turned down the dough. Do you think everyone Elsie and H. Lee approached with a possible similar deal did, too?

A reader posted this theory as a comment. Elevating it to a post–

A theory…

That the police themselves were aware of their corruption is enough for them to try to hide any evidence. The hippie era shamed America, the proliferation of murders, disappearances, serial killers, underground pedophile rings, Vietnam, race riots, the senators and prosecutors of the most conservative wing of the country, the police could not be allowed to be corrupted by perversion and evil. It is better not to know, even at the risk of being unfair to the families of those poor children, than to uncover a scandal that would have collapsed the very foundations of the political and social system of the United States. If we add to that the influence of economically powerful men, the result of this theory is quite probable. Righteousness and strength, in relation to public opinion, but really rotten and full of vice in privacy, a reflection of life itself. There was and is a demand for these perversions, it has always been that way and it has always been in the sewers of the state. The unpleasant smell comes out sometimes, but every effort will be made to hide it. There is no certainty, but there are no doubts either.

This theory is pure speculation based on the data I have from the research and the data provided by your blog. I try to be objective and serious, but I make use of intuition and here I expose what I believe. I encourage other readers to do the same to contrast opinions, as well as comment, correct my mistakes or erroneous data if any. Finally, my level of English is medium-low, I had to use a good translator, in case you see grammar or spelling errors, please do not take them into account because it is not my language.


My theory is that neither Mark nor Tim were prey for Busch, nor for Greene or Sloan, but for someone powerful with an accomplice (pedophile cop) known only to Chris Busch. Only Busch knew who this unknown pedophile was, as he worked for him. He was protecting him through a trusted police contact, which explains the continued probation, plus a little help for being the son of who he was. Busch kept it from Greene for obvious reasons. This unknown and powerful man only wanted to abuse, rape and film the boy, but Busch’s task, with the help of Greene and Sloan, was to kill him and dispose of the body. DNA found and never matched would prove this theory and also the scrupulous cleanliness of the murdered children. Busch’s suicide was a set-up as such and linked to this man. One had to make sure that an unstable and increasingly paranoid Busch did not speak under pressure and end up ratting out the unknown subject. Did Busch lend his own house to this man? It’s possible, but both the lure for the kidnapping and the transportation of the body were part of the Busch/Greene/Sloan/Gunnels team’s work. In order not to raise suspicions, Busch would say all along that the child was for him, hiding the existence of the real pedophile rapist, in fact this would somehow demonstrate or justify why Busch did not invite Greene to his home, and did not end up giving him total trust, limiting his “association” and friendship with the crazy and violent Greg Greene. Busch has shown that he liked kids over 13 and in their mid-teens, which is why I believe the OCCK murders was an assignment and Busch was the liaison. This does not mean that he did not rape or murder the children, but that it was not voluntary, but a personal commission from someone we do not yet know.

In the months after Stebbins death, North Fox Island, Richards, etc. came to light. And this was happening while Busch was being called to testify on the Bowman/Gunnels allegations. It was not the right time for another child hunt for this man or even for Busch’s own fantasy. That it is “only” two children who were sodomized and murdered would show that we are not dealing with an outburst of sexual sadism or ongoing murderous rage, but of this exclusive assignment, for which Busch was the go-between and the low profiles of Greene and Sloan, acted as the architects of the dirty work. Busch would give instructions to Greene without even bothering to know who Sloan was and avoiding interacting with him, with Greene being the one who ordered Sloan and Gunnels. I have an intuition that mutual distrust reigned in this circle, that they were all pedophiles, but especially Busch, not wanting to be linked too much with either one or the other, hence Greene’s distrust of Chris Busch.

Perhaps pressured by this stranger not to associate Mark’s death with either him or the pedophile ring (clearly homosexual), he had to find a way to cover this up to mislead both the investigators and the media. The only possible way was to kidnap a girl and repeat the same MO, this time without rape because none of these savages liked girls. This is how Jill was chosen, a local acquaintance and therefore easy to locate and watch, who was abducted (December 22, 1976) and killed without being abused or raped. As bait for Jill (as later for Kristine) Gunnels was used (this explains why Gunnels regrets and is afraid to tell what he knows, he did not murder anyone, but was complicit in the abduction). The master move was, that someone seeing Jill with a teenage boy, a few years older than her, would not arouse suspicion. They waited very little time to see how the investigations were developing. Busch was still in trouble with the law but was still blowing off steam with the teenagers around him, such as his nephews, Bowman, Gunnels and probably a few other kids. For Jill’s violent death, if I had to point fingers, I’d say only Greene was capable, or maybe Richard Lawson, but Lawson I can’t seem to link to OCCK. As a police informant, I detect a suspicious arrogance in Lawson. It is possible that he knew about these abductions and rapes, but he lacked the name of Busch and of course the powerful stranger. That he implicated, perhaps out of personal grudges or revenge, Ted Lamborghini, confirms to me that he was and is an opportunistic loudmouth. The choice of exclusive children from Livonia, Ferndale, Birmingham, Royal Oak, etc, strikes me as a personal whim on the part of someone selective and not by simple sexual predators off the street, who are usually more instinctive and hunt at random. This is very important to keep in mind in my opinion.

Not seeing the opportunity (they could have abducted any Michigan child for this purpose, but it is clear that the wishes of the unknown man and Busch were exclusive and capricious) they murdered Jill and shortly thereafter decided to abduct another girl. The girl closest to both Busch and Sloan through acquaintance and family links was Kristine (January 2, 1977). This time they changed the MO because they could not get rid of the girl in less than a week, they needed to know how the investigation was going and so they kept her much longer. They had to be cautious and be absolutely sure that all this was not associated with homosexual pedophilia, but with a violent child murderer. In other words: She was used because she intended her death, like Jill’s, to be associated with a serial killer of boys and girls alike and not with a homosexual pedophile killer.


Past this time, it was time to get another child under 13 and more childlike and innocent looking to the pedophile monster who was offering big money (in case he was a corrupt cop and pedophile he would give protection, or blackmail, cover up, in exchange for) to Busch. I’m pretty sure the two knew each other from North Fox Island (or from the street if we accept the cop theory) but once the network operating there was dismantled, some truly eager clients would seek to rape children on their own. I repeat, the choice of children was not random, it had to fit the preferences or obsession of this stranger. Busch opted for Tim, who fit the bill perfectly (perhaps it was the choice all along, someone knew Tim and became obsessed with the child, it tends to happen with these monsters).

-Busch, I want this kid, can you get him for me? If you do I will turn a blind eye to anything you do on your own and help protect you in the police. Only a cop would thoroughly wash his victims to erase any traces.

Contrary to the research of the excellent cop Cory Williams, who would never question his work, I would say that Greg Greene enjoyed a few weeks bail before trial, but some arrangements were made perhaps pressured by public opinion, or the task force, for the blatant granting Busch an unfair release knowing they both had the same offences. It would make sense if you are smart and want to save his (your son’s) ass or the one you are trying to protect. Rule of thumb: Try not to arouse suspicion and do what you have to do.
This is where Greene comes in, still sporting a mane and sideburns, which he immediately removed as soon as the sketch with the infamous blue Gremlin photo appeared, a red herring by all accounts. He would later opt for the look of his California years, with glasses and short hair. John Hastings I rule out because I think he is an opportunist and I see no connections to any of the suspects. Perhaps Sloan could have been the one seen with Tim on the day of his disappearance, but I don’t know his appearance in those days. Keep in mind that he was already an expert at abducting children, provided his car (’66 Boneville) and several others to the Busch/Greene scheme of work. After Tim’s death, the common link between Busch and the unknown sexual predator vanished. His admission to prison twisted the plans and the murders ceased (I would like to know if there were more cases of reported abductions subsequent to the appearance of Tim’s body).

Time passed and Busch continued to accumulate complaints, sentences and probation. It was no longer relatively easy to get children for the unknown pedophile (the cop?) because one of his associates (Greene) was behind bars. Sloan disengaged and went on his own. Gunnels chose to disappear and tried to get his wandering way of life back on track. The short-lived gang had been disbanded. Bowman had confessed that he recognized the boy King and both had been forced into sexual touching at Busch’s house. How to overlook such a confession? Was he polygraphed on this and other questions related to the OCCK case? The interesting discovery that the first cop on the scene of Busch’s alleged suicide had been a pedophile cop brings a dead man back to life! For God’s sake, with this information the puzzle moves forward considerably. I could not trust a corrupt pedophile cop. If he was the mysterious stranger, who forced Busch and his gang to get him young children in exchange for a cover-up of criminal acts, I understand why he was released so many times and even under Task Force surveillance, continued to abuse and rape young boys with impunity. Only a police officer could turn a blind eye and report that he saw nothing suspicious about Busch during the investigation of the OCCK murders.
Busch’s death was not suicide. A psychopathic criminal has no empathy, no remorse. Mistrust of the unstable Busch precipitated his death. Busch was guilty of the kidnapping and murder, perhaps he raped the children, but I get the impression that the sodomy was perpetrated by this stranger and Busch had a little fun with the child before murdering him.


Stebbins’ abduction lasted 4 days, a reasonable time to rule out a violent, spontaneous outburst murder, typical of lone serial killers. My theory is that it was a victim selected for abuse and rape that would be filmed and photographed. We are in the golden age of buying and selling pedophile pornographic material consumed in high places. This dirty work has to be done as a team (street soldiers, led by someone trustworthy and of good family, like Busch or a cop). This leads to Chris Busch as the prime suspect in the plot. The low profile pedophile scum (Sloan, Lawson, Greene, Lamborghini) are de facto ruled out as a direct connection to Shelden or someone powerful. Mark Stebbins was not cleaned up, nor dressed scrupulously like the rest of the victims, so he may well be effectively, the first victim of these four OCCK murders. There is no indication that his death was filmed, because according to the autopsy, he died of asphyxiation. If his killer’s intention was to film his death in the middle of a rape as part of the plan, in this case it makes no sense. Why he was killed may be because the boy saw his captors at all times, especially Busch, and I do not rule out that this final decision was because he was his first victim and had not reached adolescence, when he could buy their will, their silence or threaten them with death if they talked about what happened, something that is more difficult in young children.

Juan K.


L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County prosecutor overseeing the OCCK era and then county executive for the rest of his life, told the community he never heard the name “Chris Busch” until 2008*. I am well-versed in the need for amnesia in this case and of the argument that a man this incredibly busy could never be expected to remember the following, from March 1, 1977:

A few points about this article from the Detroit Free Press:

  1. It is dated March 1, 1977. Fifteen days later, my brother Tim will be abducted from the Hunter-Maple Pharmacy parking lot in Birmingham.
  2. Busch is described as a “Birmingham man.” A number of readers have pointed out that back in 1977, Bloomfield Village had a Birmingham mailing address. Indeed, the court documents list Busch as living at 3310 Morningview Terrace, Birmingham, Michigan. Bloomfield Village is not Birmingham, as any resident of the Village would be swift to point out. But Google Morningview Terrace and 1509 Yorkshire in Birmingham, our family home, to see just how close they are.
  3. “According to Prosecutor L. Brooks Patterson,” who somehow got tripped up enough to comment about Busch after February 1, 1977, he goes on to describe what his chief deputy Richard Thompson learned first hand in Flint in late January 1977–the details concerning the sexual assault by wealthy constituent H. Lee Busch’s son upon young boy in Oakland County.
  4. “Busch’s arrest resulted from a [sic] Oakland County investigation into the kidnap-slaying of six county youngsters in the past 13 months.” Yes, there were more than a handful of dead kids and teens in Oakland County during this era, and this was before Tim was murdered. If you have read the tortured/amended/redacted versions of the tips and investigation into Greg Greene and Chris Busch, you would quickly realize that Oakland County didn’t do shit to investigate Greg Greene and Chris Busch for these crimes, and certainly not after Busch walked free.
  5. “Busch has been cleared in all six of the slayings.” How the hell did that happen? Oh, right, the polygraph shuffle that was used to circumvent legit investigation. But remember, Busch was only polygraphed in the killing of Mark Stebbins (no questions about the abduction, any contact whatsoever, any sexual contact). That was an outrageous and untrue statement.
  6. Typical of the reporting for that era (and of reporting under the thumb of LBP), there is no expounding on the “sex charges” in Genesee County. “One of three men”–we certainly were not going to be reminded of Busch’s pal Greg Greene, whose monstrous proclivities based on convictions in California, certainly looked similar to Mark Stebbin’s case. And then more mishmash–“Busch has been charged by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office on two counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct in the earlier cases.”

If you think LBP (or Richard Thompson or Larry Wasser) ever forgot the name BUSCH in the decades Patterson was the gate-keeper of all things Oakland County, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

Relevant handwRiting

Thanks to a reader for seeing something I never saw in spite of many readings and recitations concerning the documentation (such as it is) of the arrest of Greg Greene on January 25, 1977 and the arrest of Chris Busch on January 28, 1977.

Here is the Genesee County Jail Inmate Record for Chris Busch after his arrest on January 28 for criminal sexual conduct of a minor in Flint:

When Busch is finally charged for violating the same victim in Oakland County (offense on or about May 29, 1976) on February 25, 1977, Richard Thompson, writes the following on the criminal complaint:

This was pretty hard to miss, but I did:

I’m not a handwriting expert, but I don’t think that is necessary in this case. Recall that OCP chief deputy Dick Thompson and OCP investigator Gary Hawkins were present for an interrogation of Greg Greene on January 26, the day Greene was polygraphed for the first two times. Thompson was back in Flint after Busch was arrested, having driven to Flint in a blinding snow storm on January 28, 1977 (50 mph winds, blowing snow and a 17-car pile up on I-75), before Busch took the polygraph on the Stebbins murder at 8 pm that evening.

Flint PD Det./Sgt. Tom Waldron explains the participation of the Oakland County task force in the interrogation of Greene, and the arrest and interrogation of Busch, and by extension (presumably) the participation of Richard Thompson in the entire deal:

On January 27, 1977, the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office issued a warrant against Christopher Busch . . . on the basis of information received on Flint Police Department Complaint #2197 made by one [redacted victim’s name]. Due to the fact that the suspect in this matter, Christopher Busch, had numerous contacts and had lived in the Birmingham-Detroit area, the Oakland County Task Force that was involved in the investigation of the kidnap and murder of 5 juveniles, became involved in this matter.

Special Report regarding arrest of Christopher Brian Busch, by Tom Waldron, dated January 31, 1977

I’d say that was a pretty sanitized version of how the name Chris Busch got tossed by Greene on January 25, 1977, as the killer of Mark Stebbins. But I digress.

At a minimum, the document showing the bail reduction is relevant because it shows that Thompson, and therefore his boss Patterson, were aware that Busch, an admitted serial rapist of boys and owner of reels of child pornography and ropes, was free to be on the prowl in their jurisdiction and they did nothing about it before or after my brother was abducted less than seven weeks later, less than three miles from the Busch home in Bloomfield Village.

“Rel” clearly means “released. The fact that an Oakland County prosecuting attorney wrote this on a Genesee County inmate card is not only remarkable, it means somebody in Robert F. Leonard’s office must have been aware of such an anomaly as well. Maybe it was just the chief deputy from another county helping out with paperwork–that must be it.

You might not take this as far as I do–as further evidence that there was never any line–legal, ethical or moral–that the alleged anti-smut, “no deals” duo of L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson would not cross. In the Snow Killings, author Marney Keenan describes a discussion with Jessica Cooper’s bag man, Paul Walton, who explains that he diligently drove to Ann Arbor to ask Richard Thompson why he would write “no deals,” and then have Busch walk with two year’s probation. (Snow Killings, pages 212-213). Sadly, Thompson would have no recollection. “There is no rhyme. There is no reason.”

Oh, I think there is both Rhyme and Reason. But you and I know no agency in Michigan will ever call for the accountability that would be required to keep something like this from ever happening again.

Court records from Oakland County criminal case 77-32312 against Busch indicate the case was handled by OCAP Leonard Gilman. Gilman became US attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan in 1981 and died in 1985 at the age of 43.

Despite Patterson’s theatrical announcement in December 1976 that he would “no longer allow those charged with breaking and entering and those charged with using guns to commit crimes to plead guilty to a lesser offense,” having previously precluded any plea agreements in narcotics offenses, armed robberies and concealed weapons cases, apparently a plea bargain in the case of a confessed child rapist was A-ok. “Plea bargaining denies a victim his day in court, demoralizes the law enforcement community and unnecessarily rewards the defendant,” said Mr. Law and Order.

The Oakland County court file on Busch’s CSC case contains a final note on June 1, 1977: “Spoke with Sgt. Dyer & he agrees with plea and will explain it to victim.”

Explain to the 14-year-old victim that got drug into Flint PD after Greg Greene tossed his name and police and then Busch’s counsel Jane Burgess put him through the wringer, that the legal system would again be unnecessarily rewarding this defendant. Again.

FOIA puzzle pieces

FOIA responses, especially in this case, are very interesting not only for the content, but also for what is withheld, what the agency tells you (or neglects to mention) is being withheld, what is redacted, how it is redacted (sneaky white out redactions of signatures and dates, for example), as well as the intentionally disorganized order designed to look like just a typical, haphazard document drop.

Recall two things about the FOIA responses over the years by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office. First, Jessica Cooper would not respond to my dad’s FOIA requests concerning suspects Chris Busch and Greg Greene. She got one of her judge buddies in Oakland County to buy off on her “active investigation exception” horseshit and the case wound its way through the Michigan appellate system ($$). Never mind that Chris Busch and Greg Greene were long dead and that she herself maintained they were not suspects in the killings. Never mind that the Michigan State Police, who initially forced a lawsuit in response to my dad’s FOIA request, did not pursue the case and handed over documents they had on Busch and Greene (as illegally redacted as they were, and without the required explanations of the basis for withholding documents).

Cooper later provided a couple of hundred pages of OCCK documents to WDIV reporter Kevin Dietz in June 2012 and then to Detroit Free Press staff writer Lori Brasier in October 2012. Therefore, she had to provide those documents, previously denied through extended litigation, to my dad. I have posted them on my blog.

Second, I filed a FOIA request earlier this year with the current Oakland County Prosecutor’s office for all files in the OCCK case. I also posted those documents–what was left after Cooper left office and this is what was kept at the office of Oakland County Sheriff’s office for “safekeeping” for over a decade.

I was recently looking through the FOIA response from the current Oakland County Prosecutor’s office to take another look at information on suspect Paul David Johnson, another “esteemed” and mentally ill attendee of Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, around the same time as John Hastings. The information about Johnson was disturbing for a few reasons, as two readers observed.

  1. What Johnson relayed to an investigator (I think an Oakland County Sheriff deputy) about what my brother Tim allegedly said to him was compelling.
  2. Johnson’s father, when questioned about the possibility of his son’s involvement, was uncooperative and he responded: “Prove it.” Hmm, where have we heard that before? That was the line used by John Hasting’s sister Mary. Not–“he would never be involved in something like that!,” but “prove it.” (We hear you loud and clear, freaks.)
  3. I don’t know if this information on Johnson, documented in the OCP files that had been kept (hidden) at the offices of Sheriff Mike Bouchard for almost a decade to avoid any further FOIA requests, was ever shared with the current investigators. On the basis of that file information, he should supply a DNA sample.

While going through these documents again (the most recent FOIA response from the prosecutor’s office), I came across a four-page property receipt concerning the property seized at the arrest of Chris Busch in Alma, MI, on January 28, 1977. This property receipt was not in the stack of documents Jessica Cooper provided reporters in response to FOIA requests for “A copy of the Christopher Busch CSC file that we reviewed in your office on Monday June 18 2012,” or the much more broadly worded “all documents related to the Oakland County Child Killer investigation, except those specifically exempted by FOIA.”

To be clear, this property receipt was in the 2022 FOIA response, from the files that had been offloaded to and then retrieved from the sheriff’s office (you know, the office that responded to my FOIA request that they do not have a single document in this case and to contact the MSP). While I spend some more time on Mr. Paul David Johnson, I wanted to highlight this property receipt.

The evidence was received at Flint PD by Larry Afford, from Officer Tom Waldron on 1-28-77 at 8 pm, following a search of Chris Busch’s home in Alma when he was arrested for criminal sexual conduct with a minor. That same date the evidence was released to Lourn A. Doan, Southfield PD.

On November 28, 1977, the evidence was released to FBI Special Agent Gordon M. Neilsen (Flint office).

Also on November 28, 1977, there is a stamp stating that property was “RLSD [released] TO OWNER.”

A March 8, 1978 entry states that Items 3 (a)-(g) from the “large gray suit case” were “confiscate”[d], although it would appear based on the contents of that suitcase as described, those would have been more innocuous personal items that would have possibly been released to the owner. Surely Chris Busch wanted to finish reading or rereading “Something Happened,” the 1974 book by Joseph Heller.

Although there is no indication in the log that the FBI ever returned or “checked in” the evidence it took on November 28, 1977, a file stamp indicates this property was all destroyed on April 26, 1978. One thing you can count on–if the FBI retained any of this evidence, it was no doubt damaged beyond recognition in a flood.

Although that list of evidence is pretty appalling, on the face of it, it does not reflect that “the gray suitcase . . . contained numerous sexual paraphernalia that related to sexual relations with young boys,” and “[a]pproximately 115 different sexually related books, magazines, films, etc.” No, for that information you would have to cross-reference the case history report prepared by Flint PD Officer Waldron, which I found in the batch of FOIA documents Cooper released to reporters in 2012. The batch that does not contain the property receipt. (And likewise, the 2022 batch does not contain Waldron’s case history.)

The highlights and red pencil are mine. The heavy marker and the pen/pencil underlines were on the document as received.

This report is very interesting. It, unlike the property receipt, specifically states that some of the confiscated evidence involved sex with young boys. The report does not mention that Oakland County Chief Deputy Richard Thompson was present at Flint PD during the time Chris Busch was being interviewed and then polygraphed on January 28. No, we rely on the file reports of Southfield Detective Lourn Doan for that information. Maybe Genesee County Assistant Prosecutor Ward Chapman prevailed on Waldron to omit that little tidbit, figuring Busch was Oakland County’s “problem.”

The report also establishes that as of January 28, 1977, police knew Busch was driving a blue Vega with a white stripe on the side. That may be why old Richard Thompson loved “the blue Gremlin” tip so much. Yet no one thought to check in on a known child rapist driving a car that looks very much like a blue Gremlin with a white hockey stripe, who lived less than three miles from my brother’s abduction site during the week my brother was missing.

The report further documents that Chris Busch waived his right to have an attorney present. It also establishes, contrary to other bullshit Busch told Montmorency cops, that he had been involved with young boys since “approximately age 12,” not beginning at age 17 at his elite boarding school. He also tells police he was a member of Big Brothers and he “also had been involved in sexual acts with some of his Little Brothers.” Waldron writes that “Christopher Busch also related other information regarding his activities with young children in the Detroit and Alma areas.”

Despite this information, and despite “NO DEALS” Thompson and Patterson, they “nolle prossed” Chris Busch the summer of 1977 for the CSC described in this report and never considered any of Busch’s other crimes.

Nolle Prosequi–Latin for “not to wish to prosecute.” So, as a reader pointed out to me, Chris Busch’s attorney, Jane Burgess, was not some fucking hot shot criminal defense attorney. The Oakland County Prosecutor’s office held the door open for Chris Busch as he skated away, so a telephone pole could have represented him just as well. How’s that for NO DEALS? I guess no deals for drug offenses, just for raping kids. That was life north of 8 Mile.

Richard Thompson double-checking on March 17, 1977

Look who checked out the Oakland County CSC with a minor case file on Chris Busch on March 17, 1977, less than 24 hours after my brother Tim “went missing”–friend of families of murdered children and chief deputy to L. Brooks Patterson, “no deals” Richard Thompson.

This case was filed against Chris Busch by Oakland County on behalf of victim Ken Bowman on or about February 25, 1977. This crime was revealed during questioning of Busch and Greg Greene in Flint the last week of January 1977.

Maybe Thompson had to make sure nothing in that file was going to blow up on him and Brooksie after Busch walked out of the Flint lock up for the low, low price of $1,000 a few weeks before my brother was abducted on March 16, 1977.

That’s what my brother’s life was worth to these men. $1,000. On March 17 maybe Thompson just wanted some light reading material. Or maybe he and his boss were sweating after another kid was abducted after Busch’s get-out-of-jail-almost-free card. Not to worry, Dick. Nobody gave enough of a shit to check on your boy Busch while Tim was held captive for six days.

Nothing ever “takes” in the OCCK case

Most residents of Oakland County continue to believe the false narrative created in the OCCK case by L. Brooks Patterson, his #2, Richard Thompson, and cemented by the Michigan State Police. It is why no one in authority will act on the obvious illegal, unethical and negligent acts in this case which have kept it from being solved, closed, or even honestly discussed, after 45 long years. The press was manipulated by Patterson and decades later, Jessica Cooper and her #2, Paul Walton. Therefore, this case simply goes into the “too bad, so sad” category, while cold cases from that era are being solved at an impressive rate in other jurisdictions around the country.

I discussed coverage of two Oakland County wrongful conviction cases last week for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that prosecutors, detectives and judges won’t talk to the press when something doesn’t look good for them. That leaves civilians and reporters to piece together the truth. I think those two cases are also a stark contrast to the OCCK case and the “investigation” into Christopher Brian Busch, son of GM executive H. Lee Busch. The rich and guilty get treated better than the “less wealthy” and innocent. The blog Guarded by Jackals,, makes this eloquently, and in my opinion, abundantly clear.

Nothing, but nothing, moves the dial in the OCCK case, a case no one wants to ponder for too long because it is just that horrific. But by looking away, you are part of the problem. You are part of the reason sex crimes committed by the wealthy are swept under the rug and why prosecutors like Patterson, Thompson and Cooper can and will engage in corruption in the future. On your dime.

The most important part of the GBJ analysis is a Tale of Two Polygraphs. Yes, the analysis is conjecture, but I ask you to explain the following hugely relevant irregularities:

  1. Only two polygraphs of Greg Greene are put forth in the official record, when the notes made by detectives obviously indicate Greene was polygraphed FOUR times.
  2. The results of all four polygraphs are not known, not even by detectives who worked the case decades later.
  3. Decades later, forensic analysis by three independent polygraphers was made only on two of the four Greene polygraphs.
  4. The conclusion of these experts was that Greene should not have passed the polygraphs (whichever ones were provided to them) and that Busch’s was at best inconclusive.
  5. Based on comments made by private polygrapher Larry Wasser to Detective Cory Williams in 2007, his client Chris Busch should not have passed his MSP polygraph in January 1977, and that’s why this shit bag did not advance Busch past the pre-polygraph interview to a private polygraph exam.
  6. Answer this: Greene and Busch were brought in on some of the same victims, but after the polygraphs and the obvious wheeling and dealing, their official charges assigned them different victims. There was to be no link between Greene and Busch.
  7. Busch got $1,000 bail and probation (and probation in numerous other counties as well). Greene’s bail was $75,000 and he got a life sentence. Even if you come up with some explanations for this disparity, it still feels like icing on the wealthy pedophile cake.

Jessica Cooper has been credibly charged with shredding documents in an open investigation. This is a truly egregious act by any standards. What was destroyed to ensure that nothing in this investigation can ever rise above “conjecture”? The current Oakland County Prosecutor responded to a FOIA request for the OCCK files. In the thousands of documents, not once was there a single note or mention of Richard Thompson’s activities when he went to Flint to sit in on the Greene and Busch polygraphs. Not a fucking thing from that time period. Or, of course, any mention of Jessica Cooper.

Even my discovery that Thompson himself had checked out the CSC file in the Oakland County case against Chris Busch on MARCH 17, 1977, hours after my brother had been abducted in Birmingham (uh-oh) was sheer luck, when I found a file in my dad’s office a year after he died. It looked like a file a journalist had provided to my dad–it was not produced in any FOIA request he made of the OCP. Yes, it remains in the lap of civilians to try to piece this corrupted case together. It is insane.

I say again: This is what must be done if law enforcement and public officials in Michigan give a shit about the abduction, captivity, torture and murder of four kids between the ages of 10 and 12 in 1976 and 1977. And it is the minimum which must be done to even pretend you are working this case:

  1. The Michigan State Police must produce all four polygraphs of Gregory Greene, taken between January 16 and February 1, 1977, or explain their absence. We are way past FOIA requests. This must be done by the Oakland County Prosecutor or the Michigan AG, with the assistance of the FBI if necessary. Anyone still living who participated in the arrest or interrogation of Greg Greene and/or Chris Busch must be interviewed by the FBI. Preferably there would be a grand jury so these statements would be made under oath.
  2. The document shred by Jessica Cooper must be investigated and statements taken under oath.
  3. Steve Duncan, polygrapher for the Georgia Highway Patrol, who polygraphed John Hastings in the fall of 2009 must be interviewed. Then Hastings must be interrogated again. How many times do I have to raise this obvious issue? See, for example: Polygraphs are all good as long as they are controlled by the OCP and the MSP. Then, when a neighbor of Busch flunks one in Georgia, it all goes in the circular file.
  4. ALL of the evidence in these four murders must be rerun by a third party lab utilizing the most recent technological advances in DNA examination. I am told such a lab has offered to do this for the state police, FOR FREE.

These are straight-forward, obvious steps to close “loose ends.” Why would these steps not be taken? See If you have a better explanation, I would love to hear it. The failure of anyone in authority to close the gaps in this case cements the legacy of protecting raping child murderers in Oakland County.

More from the FOIA documents on Chris Busch

Here is another set of documents concerning Chris Busch, submitted by the Michigan State Police in response to a FOIA request. These are documents concerned with charges of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct against Christopher Busch, filed in Montmorency, MI. The warrant for his arrest is dated January 30, 1976 (before Mark Stebbins was abducted). You will recall that Busch always was sprung from the clink by his father, Daddy Warbucks, despite the fact that first degree CSC carries a penalty of life imprisonment. In late January 1977 Busch got sprung from jail in Flint on other CSC offenses for $1,000. My brother was kidnapped on March 16, 1977 and his body found on March 22, 1977.

Sorry about the quality of the copies–the set I have is borderline illegible in places. The two “blank” pages were completely redacted/withheld by the MSP, for reasons they did not give. That level of FOIA compliance was apparently not included in their low, low price of $11,000-plus. Check out not only the substance of these documents, but also the dates.


It’s no surprise that Busch met with an untimely end. If you’ve read my entire blog, you have seen the photos from the Busch “suicide” scene. Here are photos bearing annotations by someone who was in law enforcement and clearly has more common sense than anyone on the Bloomfield Township PD or the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s office.


So, how to make sense of Busch and Green and all of the many pedophiles operating in and around Oakland County during the time Mark, Jill, Kristine and Tim were abducted and murdered? And why is it that no one in law enforcement has ever made sense of all of this? And who made sure back in the day that there would always be more questions than answers?

A special place in Hell

Read this “Christopher Busch file” from the Oakland County prosecutor files concerning the proceedings against Busch in Genesee County. If you read the FOIA documents I have previously posted over the years, you have read this distressing and revolting transcript before.

Of course everyone, even prolific pedophiles, is entitled to a defense. Attorney Burgess pronounces to the court that in her whole 10 years of practice to that point, she has never seen any client “so amply demonstrate his eligibility for probation as in this case,” even though he was arrested three times over the course of five days for raping boys in three different counties. That Busch got probation–AGAIN–was not due to any special attorney superpowers on the part of Burgess, as I think anyone remotely familiar with the underbelly of this case would agree.

Interesting that somebody at Oakland County was not only interested in the Genesee County proceedings–enough to obtain these copies, but also did a little research on Flint attorney Carl Leiter, Burgess’s “co-counsel” in this matter, as reflected in this little file.