Cleaning up after Chris Busch.


This teenager and his younger brother turned down the dough. Do you think everyone Elsie and H. Lee approached with a possible similar deal did, too?

More from the FOIA documents on Chris Busch

Here is another set of documents concerning Chris Busch, submitted by the Michigan State Police in response to a FOIA request. These are documents concerned with charges of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct against Christopher Busch, filed in Montmorency, MI. The warrant for his arrest is dated January 30, 1976 (before Mark Stebbins was abducted). You will recall that Busch always was sprung from the clink by his father, Daddy Warbucks, despite the fact that first degree CSC carries a penalty of life imprisonment. In late January 1977 Busch got sprung from jail in Flint on other CSC offenses for $1,000. My brother was kidnapped on March 16, 1977 and his body found on March 22, 1977.

Sorry about the quality of the copies–the set I have is borderline illegible in places. The two “blank” pages were completely redacted/withheld by the MSP, for reasons they did not give. That level of FOIA compliance was apparently not included in their low, low price of $11,000-plus. Check out not only the substance of these documents, but also the dates.


It’s no surprise that Busch met with an untimely end. If you’ve read my entire blog, you have seen the photos from the Busch “suicide” scene. Here are photos bearing annotations by someone who was in law enforcement and clearly has more common sense than anyone on the Bloomfield Township PD or the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s office.


So, how to make sense of Busch and Green and all of the many pedophiles operating in and around Oakland County during the time Mark, Jill, Kristine and Tim were abducted and murdered? And why is it that no one in law enforcement has ever made sense of all of this? And who made sure back in the day that there would always be more questions than answers?

“Busch was a fun guy to be around and wasn’t violent.”

In the words of a contemporary of the ubiquitous Vince Gunnels back in the day. This doesn’t sound like fun to me:


A Probable Cause Case Against Christopher Brian Busch and His Accomplices.

A family friend read the documents provided by the Michigan State Police in response to my Dad’s FOIA request. He is retired from law enforcement. After reading the documents, he compiled this document in the format of a probable cause case against Busch, Green and Gunnels, in which he carefully outlined the evidence and cross-referenced it to the FOIA documents. We used it to compile questions for the task force. There is no date on the document–I could go back into my emails to figure it out, but it must have predated the magic Sloan vehicle hair-disinformation/reelection campaign press conference in 2012. After that, all bets were on someone affiliated with Sloan and his Bonneville. That is, until it comes time to admit they won’t do further DNA testing on the relevant hairs. But that bought them a few more years of spin.

The document does not evaluate, nor does it preclude, other scenarios such as a “group killing” (multiple pedophiles and child traffickers involved in each abduction/captivity/rape/murder), a cop being involved, a pornography ring. If you want to find a way to put all the players on the chessboard in addition to Busch, Green and Gunnels (Lamborgine, Sloan, John H., a cop, child pornographers and pedophiles as yet unnamed), it is easy enough to do. There just isn’t the kind of proof that is set forth here implicating Busch and Green in the FOIA documents. Remember that NONE of this was looked at back in the day. Green ratted out Busch for the murder of Mark Stebbins in January 1977. Both were polygraphed by Ralph Cabot at the MSP Post in Flint and CLEARED on the basis of the polygraph, one month before my brother was abducted and murdered. Done deal. All this shit came to light after November 2007.

I think you will find the document very illuminating. Maybe some of you, like the cops, think this is all a big coincidence. See what you think.


Turns out there was a lot to clean up when it came to Chris Busch.

Two years probation and $800 court costs. That cleaned it up for him.

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Thank you to another reader for these age-advanced comparisons of the “Doug Wilson” composite drawings–the composite drawings from June 1977 that were never released to the public.

The same reader provided colorized versions of the mug shots of Gunnels, Busch and Greene, photos previously only seen in black and white versions.

James Vincent Gunnels–

Greg Greene–

As another reader pointed out, Greene has an obvious “widow’s peak” in his hairline. Compare:

And then there is Chris Busch, who seems to have more mug shots than any other probationer who walked around free.

Chris Busch–

More horror. The Lamborgine/Lawson investigation as of September 2006 – February 2007.


The Lawson/Lamborgine investigation continues to reveal tentacles in the Detroit suburbs. Page 89, lines 37-48, December 2006, reveals a 1977 victim of Lamborgine who called police after he saw press on Lamborgine. He will later appear in the Busch investigation as he was a victim of Busch and later a lure for Busch and Greene. This victim will later tell police that Busch forced him to have sex with a boy who looked like Tim King; that he saw a photo of a boy who looked like Tim King tied up in the back of Busch’s car; and that after the sexual encounter, he was with Busch when dropped Tim King off at Lamborgine’s house.

Remember, at this time in the investigation the names Chris Busch, Greg Greene (and Arch Sloan, for that matter), have not yet surfaced.

September 2006 – February 2007:

Sept. 06 – Feb. 07

5-7 through 5-18

Busch and Greene lead, continued. Warning; the Busch and especially the Greene information/police records are triggering. Some of it you have seen before.













5-19 is the end of Greene’s horror show and then the missing person report filed on Tim follows. To be continued.

Affidavit for Search Warrant

Some asked for a copy of this affidavit for search warrant in support of the search of the old Busch family home in October 2008. I scanned it, so I figured I would also post it again today.

The search warrant was executed almost a full year after the name Christopher Busch surfaced decades after his family, attorneys and private polygrapher, not to mention Bloomfield Township PD, Birmingham PD and the Michigan State Police, L.Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson, believed this fuck would never be spoken of again. A year to execute a search warrant. That’s what happens when the MSP and OCP wade in.

It was also right at the tail end of Prosecutor David Gorcyca’s term serving Oakland County. We all know who stepped in for way too many years after that.

Interesting reading.

This podcast is KICKING ASS.

Listen to Episode 5 of The Clown and the Candyman, “The Apex Predator” – the story of a Boy Sex Trafficking Kingpin.

Ask yourself about Oakland County, Birmingham, Michigan, Frank Shelden, Gerald Richards, Christopher Busch and the GM porn and sex ring as you listen.