At the risk of engaging in a little OCCK case confirmation bias, check out these YouTube videos

First a forensic psychologist discusses the suspect charged in the Gilgo Beach serial murders. Very disturbing, but I thought of at least two suspects in the OCCK case as I watched.

Next consider this interview of a woman who went on a date with the Gilgo Beach/LISK (Long Island Serial Killer) suspect. Who says serial killers don’t discuss their crimes in restaurants? (Just the cops in the OCCK case.)

This next one is also a little unnerving for a variety of reasons. But as a reader pointed out, Epstein became a liability, as Chris Busch did in the OCCK case.

Speculation, but . . .

Thanks to a reader for the links.

Speculation like this could perhaps be put to rest if the evidence in the OCCK case would be evaluated BY A THIRD PARTY LAB, as has been done in other cold cases of similar age, in cases where state labs and the FBI tried and failed. Are they waiting for the 50th anniversary?

3 thoughts on “At the risk of engaging in a little OCCK case confirmation bias, check out these YouTube videos”

  1. Perhaps too much missing evidence to ever face up to for a another party to investigate? It’s kind of hard to do forensics on missing items. Beyond the state of absolute embarrassment. They can’t even determine who was accountable for the missing items in their records to begin with!

  2. I recently read that in the case of Mark Himebaugh, an 11 year old who went missing in New Jersey decades ago, the FBI is now using artificial intelligence to find patterns the investigators have missed. From the news report:

    “The Middle Township Police Department and Cape May Prosecutor’s Office will deploy to use artificial intelligence to investigate the case of Mark Himebaugh, who went missing in 1991 in Cape May County. Police said Wednesday they entered into an agreement with Tabtu Corp and its service provider, Terawe, to use AI to assist in the case.”

    If there’s ever a case where human intelligence has failed, it’s the Oakland County Child Killer case! Maybe it’s time to employ the same technology here?

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