Page 3 of 5.

Page 3 of 5.

All of you fans of Jessica Cooper, take note and compare future behavior. You want to give her a pass and throw the rest of us under the bus. I don’t get it.

2 Comments on “Page 3 of 5.”

  1. uncleholmes says:

    I’m a little lost with the name being blocked out from the 1978 arrest and held in St. Clair County Jail and then arrested in Las Vegas on 11/23/78 3 days after Busch was found dead. Was this Gunnels? You don’t have to tell me if it’s not okay.

  2. They were exchanging or duplicating identity during this time period. In addition, this may be some of Gunderson’s crap of snatching and exchanging files to teach the local yocals a lesson or two.

    Wonder what evidence matched to Q22?

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