Page 4 of 5, FOIA Documents 01268-72.

Page 4 of 5, FOIA Documents 01268-72.

“Jessica Cooper stated that this would not happen with her or her administration and that the current Task Force can count on the full support of the Oakland County Prosecutors Office.” Just the facts. In print.

One Comment on “Page 4 of 5, FOIA Documents 01268-72.”

  1. It appears that there are persons of interest in Utah, Texas, & even Las Vegas. The “suspect” list is probably pretty full after reading the FOIA Documents. If MSP/OCCK Task Force had to get the Busch residence search warrant re-sealed, it obviously means something of importance was found. These are things you already know, of course, but it appears that the Task Force (rejuvenated) did put forth the effort, manpower, & time in the search for the OCCK, but just as with the original task force it is “hitting a wall” when it comes to prosecuting Chris Busch. I now believe that Chris Busch “suicide” was something that could’ve been engineered even by his own family. It appears that all of that leniency shown to him (“family”) was within the confines of him having no prior convictions. All of the CSC’s on Busch (4) came almost at once, and it appears that only two of four counties were really interested in prosecuting him. There is no doubt that his family’s name helped pave the way for him to be free of jail time, but they were most likely not stupid either. All of those charges against their son meant only one thing, and it is that he was a serial pedophile who would most likely repeat offenses such as these and perhaps ruin their family’s legacy to wealth. His father was a businessman, and I believe that when he sent his wife up north to pay off Gunnels to keep quiet, that it wasn’t something that they were doing to protect their child from spending any time in jail, but I believe that his family saw the seriousness of the problem (pedophile), a rapid succession of charges, and most likely were trying to keep him out of jail in the event that more charges didn’t pile up and keep him there with OCCK implications a possibilty. I believe that if his family money & influence were to get him “off the hook” completely, then his name wouldn’t have appeared in the newspapers tied to a pedophile ring. His family had the influence to find out all about their son’s exploits, who he hung out with and what was going on at their residences. I believe that they learned that he was the OCCK and that a deal was made with law enforcement to protect their name from being associated with a serial killer, and that arrangement ultimately become the “Busch Suicide.” There would have been no point in protecting serial pedophile who would have just kept re-offending, not to mention the fact that the newspapers had already associated their son to child pedophile network. I believe that his father was keeping Chris out of jail so that an arrangement could be brought to fruition with the OCCK Task Force that would give them what they had wanted, the life of the child-killer for the eternal anonymity of the killer himself. This is why the Task Force was disbanded on the following month after Busch’s suicide, and that is why both the original task force & the rejuvenated one cannot bring any substantial evidence against him.

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