Composite Drawings from FOIA Documents

Composite Drawings from FOIA Documents

Here’s a good page from the FOIA response documents. I remember seeing two of the four (left side of page)–anybody else remember ever seeing the other two composites in the press back in the day? I bet one of them was based on the description of the boy who was approached by a man in the Hunter-Maple parking lot on March 15, 1977, the day before my brother was abducted. Never heard about that incident? Join the club.

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    1. A boy was approached by a man in the Hunter-Maple parking lot the day before my brother was abducted (so this would have been Tuesday, March 15, 1977). The kid didn’t come forward immediately. I don’t know the timing. It could have weeks later. A composite was drawn based on this boy’s description. To my knowledge, this particular composite and the incident on March 15 received no publicity. I have been told numerous times that Berkley Detective Ray Anger had possession of this composite. I learned of this other abduction attempt on 3/15 during discussions with a retired detective over the past few years. I assume one of the above composites from the MSP files is the composite drawn based on the boy’s description.

  1. Cathy, The sketches on the left…Could they be that Arch Sloan dirt bag….A younger version obviously? That nose looks similar and those dead eyes…. By the way, let me just say you are amazing for compiling all of this information…I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time you have spent pouring over these files of information. God bless your brother.

  2. Must have been several (pedos) in the area (perhaps everywhere in the USA) and this one lived near the pharmacy or had been casing it or its customers.

    What about the photo of his science project? Who took it and with what?

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