Search terms from today, 4/24/13

A few interesting search terms from today:

richard hojnacki suicide

Interesting search phrase.  I mentioned r.h. early on and almost in passing.  I haven’t even gotten to him and his death certificate/information.  In the meantime, was Richard Hojnakci:

(a) living in his parents’ basement at 28110 Rollcrest, Farmington Hills, MI,  and dealing drugs (see Oakland County Complaint No. 76-04-0697 FY)

(b) a name given as a possible suspect in the OCCK investigation and as possibly trafficking in kids for pedophiles/porn

(c) a questionable suicide victim who died on 3-7-77 (see certificate of death, Oakland County #146721), or

(d) all of the above.

richard hojnacki bloomfield hills mi

Same as above.

portraits in the snow occk

Brave piece of writing that mentions this p.o.s. person.

Visitors to the site today from:

U.S., Canada, Brazil, United A.E. and England.

One Comment on “Search terms from today, 4/24/13”

  1. Really do not think that you should abandon WordPress. There is so much info that gets through & is educational.

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