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Yesterday I posted my little background piece on Chris Busch (and by “little,” I mean “tip of the iceberg”).  His “buddy” Greg Green will take a few more posts.  He died in prison in 1995 of a heart attack, but the mayhem and evilness he managed to squeeze into the years between his birth and his incarceration for the rest of his life in 1977 is truly astonishing.  There is plenty to post about him, and none of it is in any way positive.  This is a guy who went went wrong way early on and should have never slipped through some “mental health” exception.

But the point of this post is that I thought a few search terms were interesting, given my diatribe about Chris Busch.   Here are a few that I found disturbing:

“mark stebbins” murder anal

OK, seriously, you p.o.s.?!  This is how you show up on my screen.  Nice work.

James Vincent Gunnells

Yeah, people should still be searching your name and asking questions about you.

Lawrence Wasser FBI Agent

Hmm.  Why do you think he was talking to an FBI agent?  He most certainly should have been, but  . . .

Other Search Terms and Unknown Search Terms

Congratulations, you use a search engine that allows your search terms and phrases to be kept private.  One can only wonder why.  Nice work.

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  1. Jessie Kanehl says:

    Cathy you are awesome! No fear! I cannot believe the stuff you have pulled up on your suspects. How they did not get arrested I don’t understand. I do understand now why our case never went anywhere.

    Jessie Kanehl

  2. larry says:

    not sure if you knew this but kenneth wooden did extensive investigation of grossman/shelden. i wouldnt be surprised if he or his daughters still have files.

  3. larry says:

    also, was the treasurer of brother pauls not adam starchild? your post concerning this subject is not allowing comments, so i am posting here.

  4. cathybroad says:

    Thank you, Larry. No, I did not know about Kenneth Wooden’s investigation of Dyer Grossman and Frank Shelden. I think that is critical information because I tend to agree that the highly profitable and wide-ranging pedophile ring operating in Michigan in the 1970’s–primarily the part linked to N. Fox Island and the wealthy clientele–is somehow linked to the killer or killers in the OCCK case. I will say it again–the book Portraits in the Snow, the Oakland County Child Killings . . . Scandals and Small Conspiracies (M. Cribari 2011), is the bravest piece of writing I have seen related to the OCCK case. In this book, the author posits that the fact that this Fox Island pedohilia and child porn scandal was confined to the excellent investigative reporting by Marilyn Wright of the Traverse City Record-Eagle and received no wider coverage–especially in light of the OCCK murders which followed on the very heels of this story–is such a glaring omission that it speaks to more than just a filthy rich family squelching the story on behalf of their sick offspring. If you have followed the OCCK case and have not read Portraits in the Snow, you are missing some valuable insight. Again, the cops dismiss it–as they do everything–as utter bullshit, but as far as I’m concerned now, that is a gold star rating in my book.

    Adam Starchild. The worst kind. He apparently died in 2006. I took info out of an earlier post I had on him. I wish I hadn’t. Yes, Adam Starchild, aka Matthew McConaby (convicted pedophile), from New Jersey, was listed as a primary incorporator in 1975 of Brother Paul’s Childrens Mission (the N. Fox Island arm of the Educational Foundation for Youth (Chicago) and the Church of New Revelation (1974), New Jersey). Aside from being a pedophile, he was also an expert in “offshore holdings,” say of things like money from child porn. His buddy Frank Shelden transferred a bunch of dough to him as Shelden was fleeing the country to escape child rape charges. Although the long arm of the law couldn’t touch Shelden in the Netherlands, he used the U.S. courts to sue Starchild. Shelden’s brother Alger Shelden, Jr. and their attorney Lee Bennett Young of Birmingham, MI, could access the court system even if fugitive Frank could not. From Portraits in the Snow:

    “Adam Starchild went on to enjoy a fruitful life as a successful author of many books written about the very subject of off shore holdings . . . laws governing international funds, and publishing other authors of colorful reads about the sexual exploits between men and boys. Much of the considerable money made from his publications, was earned in the United States . . . never bothered by Federal Authorities; as they do everyday with drug dealers and the like. Even though he’d been found complicit in using that same expertise in setting up and using local, state and federal funds for the purpose of establishing ‘legal baby-raping mills.” He maintained legal status in any number of countries and continued his ‘patronage’ of young boys . . . in to school. He did it openly and lived until 2006, in the lap of luxury.” (Portraits, p. 194.)

    Read the author’s theory about the rumor surrounding Starchild’s chosen alias on page 194. It is no doubt true and it is truly disturbing. I’m pretty sure big money pal Dyer Grossman (aka Rev. Dyer Grossman, Dale Osterman, Elliot Crossman, Elijah Crossman), who came out from N.J. to Port Huron to help Gerald Richards and Frank Shelden make their “boys nature camp” a reality on N. Fox Island, is still living in the lap of luxury. People freak when I post his name, too.

    • larry says:

      i have portraits in the snow. it is an intense book that doesnt try to entertain you, just tells it like it is which makes it a heartwrenching read and consequently i havent been able to finish it yet. i was interested to know how accurate you think it is. i have been following this case, the north fox island aspect of it especially, for about 3 years. for about 15 years i have been researching these rings that seemed to run wild in the u.s. in the 70s and 80s. things that at first seem unrelated end up bleeding into eachother. franklin, the gosch case, the presidio and westpoint cases, mcmartin, boy scouts etc. when gacys name came up my ears perked because he was definitely involved in the rings. i think n fox is the heart of this case and what happened to your brother. ive seen interviews with your father and it really touched me. he reminds me of my grandfather, also a gentle old lawyer. two things that may interest you: 1. , and 2. people like to say they care about children, but they run from this subject. i dont know if my e mail is given to you, but if you would like my help or advice or anything i can do to help your family or bring some small justice to the thousands of children who have been destroyed by this please let me know.

    • dewayne says:

      you are so right about adam starchild i know him personally all to well , he was a nice guy when i met him in the early 80’s in florida till time went on then after time i learned what and who he was , a true ped. and con. , i lived with him for 2 years , i was a kid homeless and took me in but i was lucky i was not touched by him but i knew many he did in a very short time along with all the crime frauds he had done glad he is dead

  5. Todd says:

    I was Frank Sheldon’s little brother at the YMCA in 74 to 75, when he was discovered. He was always nice to me, but I was in a different position than the rest. The last time I saw Frank was in summer of 75. He flew me to Idaho for me to visit a friend. When he could fly me back, he sent me a plane ticket back home along with a letter denying everything that I’d eventually find out. The stuff you guys are posting seems crazy, but it must be true.

  6. Laurie Campbell says:

    I was on a forum with a Michigander who thought this was all urban legend – the island and the occk.. So I have been enlightening him but I remembered that the plane records of who flew to Fox Island had disappeared? And I can’t find where I thought I had read that. I do have The Kill Jar..was it there?
    Thanks for any help you can provide. And while I am it, is it possible to read the original Traverse Record Eagle columns?
    Much love to you.. I was a child in Lincoln Park in the late 60s and I still hurt for your brother and all of the kids. I remember it well.

    • cathybroad says:

      Google my name and N. Fox Island and/or Shelden. Check out the work of Kathleen Firestone, who has written about the Fox Islands, including Frank Shelden. The MSP file on the Frank Shelden criminal investigation is on my blog, but Michiganders who believe sex crimes are only “Urban Legends” don’t have time for such reading.

      I am sure that any documents or records (including any flight logs) relating to Shelden, except for the court documents online where he had his dirty attorney from Birmingham sue one of his pedophile buddies/trustee to get a bunch of dough back after he fled the country are long, long gone.

      I have mentioned Marilyn Wright’s reporting many, many times on my blog. You can try the Traverse City Record-Eagle 1976-1979 on Her reporting was phenomenal and had any newspaper in and around the Detroit area had the balls to publish it, things might have gone differently for a lot of victims.

      N. Fox Island, Frank Shelden, Gerald Richard and other freaks are addressed in Portraits in the Snow, The Oakland County Child Killings . . . Scandals and Small Conspiracies (2011), by M.F. Cribari; The Kill Jar (2018), by J. Reuben Appelman; The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation (2020), by Marney Keenan. See also the podcast You Know They Know,, specifically Episode 8 which is an interview by Appelman of Business Insider reporter Aine Cain, who wrote an article about the similarities between Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” and Frank Shelden’s “boys nature camp” on N. Fox Island.

      Watch the WDIV series on the OCCK case, specifically the episode on N. Fox.

      You can watch the documentary, Children of the Snow, about this case and N. Fox Island by purchasing it (2-parts) on Amazon Prime. It previously aired on Investigative Discovery and then on Hulu.

      And of course documents relating to Shelden were destroyed in a catastrophic flood at some FBI storage facility years ago. It would have been far more catastrophic to Shelden’s high-rolling, high-society, high-powered pedophile buddies to have that stuff ever see the light of day.

      In short, there is a lot out there. Start by googling my name and some variation of N. Fox Island, Fox Island, Frank Shelden, Francis Shelden. Others have compiled information about these crimes and I mention all I know about and links people send me in my blog.

      Have Mr./Ms. Urban Legend consider the following: Urban legend? Wishful thinking.

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