5510 Baldwin, Flint, MI–Green’s residence in Flint, MI

5510 Baldwin, Flint, MI--Green's residence in Flint, MI



Greg Green

This pisses me off so much. Photos from the FOIA documents provided by MSP. I am a parent, a person who has a life, a person who was devastated by what happened in 1977. Do I really have to go through 4,000 pages of documents to find this crap that the pigs should have made public back in the day?! I’m sorry, but this is criminal. My Dad paid over $12,000 to get 4,000 pages worth of documents we get to go through as time permits and you get to sit on your asses and 36 years later say “too bad, so sad”? Unbelievable.



The following is from the prison records of Gregory Woodard Green, Busch’s buddy with whom he discussed fantasies of kidnapping a boy, holding him captive and having one of them work nights, the other days, so they could watch the boy.

Gregory Woodard Green, born in Detroit on 5-2-50, the third of four children.  Died in prison 12-29-95.  Graduated from St. Agnes High School in 1968. 

His prison record indicates that as of 1977, he was 5/10”, brown hair, brown eyes, medium build, fair complexion, and he was unemployed.  After he was arrested in Flint on Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor charges, he throws his pal Chris Busch under the bus for killing Mark Stebbins in February 1976.  Cops interview him and determine he is more than a snitch—probably a perp, and the MSP polygraphs both him and Busch.  They get the “get out of jail free card” on the OCCK crimes after this, and no one ever looks back–until July 2006 (courtesy of Larry Wasser). 

Green’s adult criminal record:

3-8-68, Traffic warrant, Flint MI

5-25-69,  Contributing to the Del. Of a Minor, Flint, MI

1-2-70, Minor in Possession

9-13-70, Possession of Marijuana, Huntington Beach, CA

8-8-74, Felony Child Molesting, Sodomy, Sex Perversion—5 yrs. Probation, after being an in-patient at the Patton State Hospital in Patton, California, from January 24, 1975 to January 7, 1976.  On February 11, 1976, days before the abduction of Mark Stebbins, the first OCCK victim, the State of California offloaded this piece of shit by putting him on a plane and sending him back to Michigan. 

Green was arrested by Flint Police on January 25, 1977, for the offense of sexual penetration of a 12-year-old boy in August 1976 in Flint.  The investigation expanded to include over 50 victims of sexual exploitation (and worse) and culminated in the arrests of Green, Chris Busch and Douglas Bennett (19, and younger than these other two losers). 

At the time of his arrest, Green was living at his dad’s house, 5510 Baldwin, Flint, MI.  Green was living with his dad who was sick and dying. 

Green’s pre-sentence investigation report, dated June 7, 1977, states:

Greene [sic—a lot of the records refer to him as Greene, but his last name was Green with no “e”] fully admits his involvement in this offense.  He claims that mental problems caused him to commit the offense.  He was involved in similar activity in California and was placed on Probation on January 28, 1976 in Orange County, California.  He was under supervision here in Genesee County from March of 1976 until he was arrested.  On the surface, he did well on Probation.  He was able to report regularly, maintain employment, and participate in treatment at Community Mental Health.  However, apparently while he was doing all of these things, he was involved with the victim of this offense. 

Greene comes from a home in which it appears that all of his needs were adequately met by his parents.  His mother’s death in 1966 apparently did not have any significant effect on him.  Greene attended parochial schools and was able to successfully graduate.  Shortly after graduation, he went to California where he was able to maintain employment.  It was in 1974 that he became involved in sexual misconduct with a minor.  It appears that the defendant is a highly skilled manipulator.  He seems to have a great deal of ability in covering up and interpreting situations to his own benefit.  . . .  This man cannot be considered a candidate for Probation. 

In the investigator’s description of the offense, the officer explained that the boy did not tell anyone about the sexual abuse and rape because Greene told him that he had choked a boy in California who was going to tell on him, brought him back to life, took him to a hospital and got caught.  The boy also explained that Greene took photos of him naked and said he would give the photos to the boy’s parents if he told on him.

The report goes on to describe the typical Come To Jesus drivel—while in jail, Green found god and is “now changing his whole “inter-nature.”  “I actually found a cleansing of the soul & mind in Christ,” he explained.  He felt that if he was given one more chance, he could make the changes permanent.  Right.  If he was given one more chance he could have had hundreds more victims.  And, while I’m sure he didn’t let on to his P.O., the biggest lesson this animal learned in California is that living victims talk.

Green continues, and this shit comes from out of left field, with no apparent prompting:

“I’ve never forced or kidnapped a kid, I get emotionally involved first, that’s why I feel a place or situation like a halfway house, hospital or local correction facility where, maximum supervision is involved, so there’s no possibility of an emotional involvement with a kid, where a therapist payed by my family could work with me, and my family working with me and my faith in God now would work.

 . . .

When I got arrested, I co-operated fully with Det. Waldren, told him everything I knew and did and he used the information to the fullest.  I’ve volunteered to work further with Waldren or the prosecutor, I’ve NEVER been involved with any homosexual ring or passing kids around, but I do have information that could alleviate some of the problems in Flint, to show the community how & why kids do get involved.  I also think I could find that person in Detroit.

“That person,” as in the OCCK.  Green didn’t realize that this subject was closed after an inexperienced MSP polygrapher cleared both him and his pal Chris Busch in late January 1977.  This subject was closed, closed, closed and this and subsequent pleas to the Flint PD to hear him out on this OCCK stuff were totally shut down.  Sorry bub, but you are going down for life and your money-bags cohort is going to walk, no matter what you say, after that polygraph session at the Flint MSP Post.  Yeah, you’re a manipulator, Greg, but you are a penniless manipulator.  Game over. 

Sadly, after admitting to criminal sexual conduct in California that involved some 50 victims, and damn near murdering a young boy after raping him, Green was sent to a nut house there and then “[o]n or about February 11, 1976 [he] was taken from the Jail and placed on a plane to Michigan.”  He returns to Michigan four days before Mark Stebbins is kidnapped, tortured, raped and later murdered. 

The program director at Patton State Hospital in California observed:

Mr. Greene [sic] is a young man of above average intelligence.  He has the intellectual understanding of himself and his problems.  However, he has no emotional desire to change his past behavior, except that he had been incarcerated and confined to state institutions because of this behavior.  Due to Mr. Greene’s repeated offenses regarding homosexual pedophilia, I would recommend that he be committed to a state institution for long-term psychiatric treatment.  The treatment provided would hopefully be along the line of behavior modification models.  Because of Mr. Greene’s above average intelligence he is capable of ‘putting on a show’ and making others believe he has changed when he really has not. 

The presentence report concludes with a few observations about socialization (likes baseball, plans on writing a book, subject unstated), economic situation (bleak) and religion (Catholic).  Green describes himself by stating:  “I got a problem that can probably be corrected.  I know it can be corrected.  [Think again, freak.]  My thinking has been screwed up.  I am an intelligent person.  I’ve accepted Christ and that has given me a new outlook on life.  [Go figure.]”   

No way someone with virtually no empathy and serious prefrontal cortex damage gets a new outlook on life.  Thankfully this monster’s parents couldn’t buy his way to another probation sentence. 

Green died of a heart attack in prison some 17 years ago while watching t.v.  He was discovered quite some time later because he died in front of the tube with his eyes open.  It took a while for inmates and guards to realize this creep had died. 

This man has three siblings and I think his sister and two brothers are still alive.  One bro was interviewed by police in the past few years and told them Greg had built a “secret room” in his invalid, and now-deceased dad’s house in Flint, where Green “allowed” a teen boy to live.  (Vince, was this you?)  The brother told this investigator the room was built in such a way that the current owners probably don’t even know it’s there.  The bro didn’t have much more to offer.  I don’t know if his sister and other brother are still living.  If they are, and they know something, they apparently aren’t saying shit, what a surprise.

To be continued.  There’s lots to say about Greg Green.