Final page of article in FBI file provided in response to FOIA request.

Final page of article in FBI file provided in response to FOIA request.

Woody Johnson. Seriously?

Page 4 of 5. Ridiculous.

Page 4 of 5.  Ridiculous.

Page 3 of 5.

Page 3 of 5.

Page 2 of 5, “Linda’s Haunting Vision.”

From the FBI FOIA response re: documents relating to witness Doug Wilson’s statements in the OCCK investigation.

From the FBI FOIA response re:  documents relating to witness Doug Wilson's statements in the OCCK investigation.

Page one of five. Appeared in Reader’s Digest in March 1977. The fine print is hard to read, but this was an article first appearing in Good Housekeeping in 1972 or 1973. Does this mean anything to anybody? The only haunting vision I’m getting is of the FBI working on this case back in the day.

If sunshine is the best disinfectant, this wound will forever fester.

The Freedom of Information Act has an interesting history.  See, and

A very diligent investigator filed a FOIA with the FBI asking for all files concerning the “Doug Wilson” information.  Many posts back, I wrote about a witness to the minutes leading up to my brother’s abduction at Hunter-Maple Pharmacy; a witness NO ONE had ever heard about.  Yeah, we eventually heard about two women who came forward and saw a man talking to my brother in that parking lot that night, and in a car parked by nearby Adams Elementary School, where my brother and his friends had been playing basketball earlier that afternoon.  Here’s the deal with Mr. Wilson.  He was a car designer.  He knew his shit when it came to cars. He called police in the weeks after my brother’s abduction to tell them what he saw because he knew that little kid with the orange skateboard was my brother.

The FBI spent a lot of time with Doug Wilson.  He agreed to be hypnotized.  His info was specific and, I have to believe, more accurate than the other two eye witness’ statements about the cars.  He was a car designer for god’s sake.  This was suburban Detroit.  What more do you want?  He gave a partial license plate number sequence.  Go figure, it didn’t mean shit and no one ever cross-referenced his quite specific information with any other previous tips.  You aholes.

But by now the big, bad FBI and the big, bad MSP were involved, and any mistakes made by the previous suburban cop shops were subsumed by the ego, arrogance, and group-think of bigger and supposedly badder agencies.  You are all so pathetic.  Nobody ever looked at the very beginning, where all this shit started.  It emboldened the killers, because at some point they realized they would never be caught.  Welcome to suburban Detroit.  Seriously.

So, the FBI responds to this diligent FOIA-filing investigator, who shows me the response because it is so lame.  These aholes indicate they reviewed 130 pages regarding the “Doug Wilson” information and that they are releasing 12 pages.  Those 12 pages are newspaper and magazine articles.  These dumb bastards don’t even realize that before they dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” on their taxpayer-funded jerk-off response, the Oakland County prosecutor’s office has already responded to my Dad’s FOIA request for all information they provided to local media regarding the “Doug Wilson” information, and we have already read some of the shit they think is so secret because “it may interfere” with the prosecution of someone they have no intention of going after.  At least 118 pages were completely “deleted” from their FOIA response.

The pages released to this investigator, who is all over this thing and will not be trampled, are copies of newspaper articles every one of us close to this case has seen, with one exception.  These douches also include a copy of a Reader’s Digest condensed version of an article from Good Housekeeping from the early-1970’s.  Why this article is in the file is anyone’s guess.  I am posting the article next.  It is five pages long.  Why it is in the FBI file or how it fits into their “investigation” is anyone’s guess.  But it stands out like a sore thumb and, god knows, the FBI will never explain why this shit is in their OCCK/Doug Wilson information file.