Email from my Dad to MSP that I was copied on this morning:

When I called Sgt. Gray in late 2006 he informed me that the task force and its FIRST hard lead. Someone (Lamborgine) had flunked a  lie detector test. The same rule apparently does not apply to Busch and Gunnels.  
Busch is released on January 28, 1977 because he passed a lie detector test administered by an inexperienced MSP polygraphist. When the MSP has this polygraph reviewed by 3 experience polygraphists we are advised that all 3 concluded he did not pass. The first test results were published in the Detroit News and the Daily Tribune. My family has been denied access to these later readings. Last year Pat Coffey advised me that one of the three polygraphists was in the zero to minus 6 range and was inconclusive. Coffey was also told that the other two concluded the proper reading was well below minus 6. The MSP talks to the media and Coffey but not to the victims.
Chris and I met with Gunnels in October. He acknowledged taking 2 polygraph tests. The MSP reports state that the first test was inconclusive because Gunnels took evasive action. The results of the second test are redacted in the MSP reports.
On November 20, 2012 the OCP responded to my third FOIA request regarding the Gunnels investigation. The OCP repose contains the following information:
Other than the control questions, Gunnels was asked three specific questions regarding the Child Killing investigation. Due to his DNA hair being discovered on Kristine Michelich he was asked the following:
1.   Did you participate in any way in the killing of Kristine Michelich?
2.   Do you know for sure . who killed  Kristine Michelich?
3.   Did you have any physical contact with Kristine Michelich?” 
Both of the  MSP polygraphists present concluded Gunnels “COMPLETELY” failed all aspects of the examination.
Why and by whom was Gunnels removed as a suspect at the February 26, 2010 meeting?

Why Indeed.

Email I received from my Dad today:

After the picture of Chris Busch appeared on the Investigative Discovery  program, the TV broadcasts and the newspapers I received calls from 4 adults who recognized him as the man who tried to pick them up. Three of them were females. If I received 4 phone calls how many did the MSP receive? This refutes the position of those who claim  the killer did not do all 4 kids because of the gender difference in the victims.


When I met with the Oakland County Asst. Sheriff Gary Miller last summer he raised this possibility. I pointed out to him that the MSP reports indicated Busch had 2 pair of girl panties in his possession. This was news to Miller.


Did the suitcases of Busch full of pornographic pictures taken from him at Alma and Fox Island contain photos of females as well as males? Where are these suit cases?


Is it possible Busch was a procurer for other pedophiles?


More time is being spent to disprove the Busch participation than to support the statements made in support of the October 28, 2008 search warrant which was given to April 8 this year three years after I asked for this information. Why have the OCP and the MSP changed their minds on the Busch involvement?

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