Shaky Bill Shaffer

Ok, here are some really disturbing things about Bill Shaffer, the now 71-year-old licensed social worker and one-time employee of child protective services, who was arrested by the feds earlier this week on child porn charges.  Bill was apparently on the “great customer” list of an international movie production company specializing in child porn.  He lives in Birmingham, MI, where my brothers and I grew up.

  1. Shaffer was a long-time Birmingham baseball coach/assistant even though he had no sons involved in the league.  The kids called him “Shaky Shaffer” because he had some hand twitch thing going on all the time.
  2. Shaffer was the guy who always took the Birmingham little league football and baseball team photos.  All three of my brothers, including Tim, played little league baseball for years.  Always ready with a camera while hanging around the ball field, according to both my brothers and another friend.
  3. He was the assistant coach on an All-Star team my brother Chris played on when he was 15 or 16 (some 37 years ago).  Shaffer would have been in his early 30’s back then.  Chris told me this guy “knew all the players from every team on all levels—years and years on either side of me.”
  4. His dad was an allergist in the B’ham area who treated my brother Mark.  Yet another of Oakland County’s privileged offspring jerking off to pictures of little boys.
  5. HE WAS TURNED IN AS A SUSPECT IN THE OCCK CASE after Tim was abducted and murdered.  My Dad knows this because police questioned him about Shaffer a number of times.   Did we know him and what was his deal?  My brother Mark always thought this guy was a creep and mentioned him as a possible suspect numerous times back in the day.

He should be questioned about the OCCK crimes again, about connections with any of the Fox Island perps, about John Hastings (also a assistant B’ham baseball coach), Chris Busch, Greg Green (baseball coach in Flint area), Arch Sloan, Vince Gunnells, Ted Lamborgine, as well as any of the names of men who came up early and often in each of the four OCCK cases.  Not saying he is the OCCK or has any direct knowledge, but birds of a feather and all of that.

Here is proof positive that when LE turns a blind eye to the sexual victimization of children that this most insidious of crimes continues unabated.  It is perhaps the most vicious, insidious type of crime because it is most often committed by people who “fit in,” who are priests, social workers, principals, baseball coaches, Big Brothers, corporate officers, and other seemingly solid citizens.  People who have used their brain-power to put themselves in situations so they can groom and victimize kids.  Think it only happened back in the dark ages of the 1970’s?  Think again.  Every time the system ignores these crimes, by not believing the victim, by saying “oh, [the suspect] was such a good guy,” by failing to prosecute pedophiles and child porn distributors and users, the ripple effect is gigantic.  It means more and more child victims who are given a life sentence while people like Bill Shaffer spend a lifetime getting off on victimizing kids or watching them be victimized.

The OCCK task force had to have talked to hundreds and hundreds of pedophiles during their investigations. How many career pedophiles were turned in but never prosecuted for anything?  I bet the number is staggering.  When you factor in how local and federal authorities also dropped the ball in the Fox Island, MI case from that same era, giving Frank Shelden and his buddies Grossman and Starchild plenty of time to escape justice, the victims who followed had to number in the many thousands.

To my knowledge, the only pedophiles whose names surfaced in these investigations and were actually prosecuted were Gerald Richards (Fox Island—and the only participant with no money to buy freedom) and Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson (prosecuted in the mid-2000’s by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office).  That’s three out of god-knows how many.

How many sickos like this are out there?  Way, way too many.

The feds better be talking to shaky Bill about all of this.  I’m glad you finally got busted, Bill.  You got almost four decades to continue to victimize kids after your little chat with the OCCK task force.  I hope the feds take the time to make these charges stick and put you where you belong so you can never victimize another kid.  Better late than never?  Not really.  But your ass should still be in prison no matter how many years you have left.