Back to 2005; “It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” Alice in Alice in Wonderland.

I told you from the very beginning chrono-order won’t work that well here.  And I know even if it was in chronological order, some of it still wouldn’t add up unless we were talking face-to-face.  In 2005 and 2006, I fell down the rabbit hole in this case–something I had struggled hard to avoid for decades.  Many, many people I have crossed paths with on this journey are empathetic.   A fair number of people I am relatively close to, and would expect more of, are staggeringly uncool because they can’t go near it.  I get it.  You don’t know that I get it, but I do–because I was once on the other side of the rabbit hole, just like you.  And I hope you never fall in to anything similar.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  

Having left off on July 2, I wanted to paint a picture of how this case opened on my front door in 2005, soon after I moved back to the Midwest after more than 20 years happily living way, way west of all of this.  I’m going to start with a letter I received in March 2006, less than a year after I had moved back to the Midwest and will continue with the correspondence that marks what would be a most remarkable two years.  I like posting the actual correspondence so you can see how it played out, but I will fill in the gaps.  I will be redacting where necessary to protect the innocent or people I feel fall more on the innocent scale.  You will still get the picture.  Starting with the letter I referred to in my post of July 2.  


Page three of three.

Page three of three.

Now I can get back to where I left off a few weeks ago–trying to explain how, after three decades, this case ended up back at my front door. Then this stuff will make more sense.

Page two of three.

Page two of three.

From the Correspondence Grab-Bag

From the Correspondence Grab-Bag

I have been asked by a few people to address the ubiquitous Blue Gremlin issue and the fact that the MSP and FBI squelched all info relating to the Pontiac cars mentioned by witnesses in the abductions and body drop-offs of Mark, Jill, Kris and Tim. Here’s a start. Page one of three. Dated July 20, 1996 or ’98. Copy quality is poor; this is the best I can do.